CoSchedule Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Learn how CoSchedule can help you with your social media marketing and much more. In this CoSchedule review, I will show you all the ways that it can help you.

CoSchedule review

We all know that content marketing is not a one and done; it’s an ongoing process. If you are like the best of us, then you produce, schedule and post a ton of content. It doesn’t matter if you do it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the whole process can become overwhelming if you aren’t organized.

I needed a solution that’ll help us stay on top of our content marketing activities. Probably you are in the same situation and need something to keep all aspects of your marketing organized. In the past, I’ve tried an assortment of apps, spreadsheets, calendars, notepads, and whatnot. They didn’t do the trick.

Eventually, I stumbled upon CoSchedule and it definitely helped me become a more productive blogger.

I have been using it for quite some time now. I decided to put together this comprehensive review to tell you what I think of this nifty content management and scheduling platform thus far.

I hope this can save you some headache!

CoSchedule has lots of features so you’ll want to pin this post for future reference!

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First up – What’s CoSchedule?


CoSchedule is a content manager & scheduler, social promotion tool, and workflow manager, all rolled into one solution. At the very basic, it’s a marketing and editorial calendar tool that incorporates marketing analytics, Google Calendar, social media integration, WordPress, and lots more in between.

In other words, this is an automated tool that helps you manage and schedule your content marketing activities. It can re-queue your social media posts, blog posts, and other digital assets. This way, you can organize, access and share whatever your content team creates in a jiffy – whether that’s photos, videos, articles, files, and more.

Learn how CoSchedule helps me with my social media marketing

How It Works


It’s essentially a cloud-based content management as a service solution that’s designed for agencies, businesses, bloggers, and individuals. At the front-end, CoSchedule allows you to manage, schedule and coordinate all facets of your content marketing, including content creation, posting, campaigns, and promotions.

The tool also comes with Social Media and WordPress plug-ins that allow you to share and integrate your content automatically with your calendar. This makes it easy and hassle-free to get a handle on your social, email and other content campaigns.

CoSchedule Key Features


Built-in Text Editor:

This allows you to transform your ideas into engaging content. You can create, review and access content using this text editor which already integrates with Evernote, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.

Built-in Headline Analyzer:

It’s included to help you craft, analyze and optimize the headlines of your copy. You can test the power, emotional, and other metrics that show how catchy your headlines are so you optimize for SEO, traffic, social signals, and more.

I was already using this by going on the CoSchedule website. You can read here the steps I take to write my headlines. 

Enterprise-grade Analytics:

Get data-driven insights for all of your content campaigns. The analytics tools display the performance of your campaigns in terms of engagement, shares, and so forth.

Integrated Email Marketing:

This feature enables you to create, schedule and manage your email activities, as well as other aspects of your content marketing. It already integrates with an array of email marketing tools, including Constant Contact, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.

Auto Social Publishing and Scheduling:

With this feature, you can streamline your social media publishing. We use social media campaign templates, best-time scheduling, and automation tools to put your best foot forward when it comes to social.

Built-In Ideas Board:

This helps you bounce ideas off each other, so you can stay away from the messy spreadsheets and avoid clogging your inboxes. It’s an amazing way to brainstorm ideas and review topics before you enter into the calendar. With drag-and-drop capacity, everything is a breeze with CoSchedule.

Project Workflow Manager:

This tool allows you to create tasks for every part of your workflow. Even better, every task has a checkbox that you can check off as you finish the necessary steps. If you often find it hard to focus on your tasks, CoSchedule’s Workflow Manager is what the doctor prescribed.

Unified Calendar:

With CoSchedule, you can plan and execute everything in your editorial calendar. You can add each content campaign and project in this cross-functional and collaborative calendar that will help you keep up with all of your content marketing activities.

What I Like About CoSchedule


It does a bang-up job when it comes to social media:


CoSchedule’s social media features are built with the user in mind. It helps us connect to our YouTube, Twitter, Facebook pages in no time. CoSchedule gets everything to do with social media done in a breeze. It can also connect with Pinterest and Instagram. But I’m not using Instagram at this stage and for Pinterest, in all honesty, there is nothing better than Tailwind.

Rave-worthy content scheduling and calendar tools:


Just like most other users, I love how robust and effective the editorial and scheduling calendar features are, especially team collaboration and reusable templates.


CoSchedule is user-friendly:


this tool makes it incredibly easy and hassle-free to schedule/re-schedule several social media posts at the same time. If you glean through user reviews, you will also notice that they applaud its robust features, particularly ideas board.


The headline analyzer indeed helps spruce up your copy:


If you have used most content management and social tools before, you will appreciate that CoSchedule boasts a headline analyzer. This makes sure that our posts are spot-on, eye-catching, and optimized to deliver traffic and engagement.


It’s FREE or relatively affordable:


They have a FREE forever plan and a free trial of the premium plan. There’s a 2-week free trial that allowed us to get a feel for the premium plan before paying. Depending on your content needs, CoSchedule delivers such great value for your money.


CoSchedule brings all our content under one roof!

What We Disliked


There’s not much to dislike about CoSchedule. Although I haven’t experienced them myself, some users have complained about some system glitches. Of course, not everyone can afford the $30-per-month price tag for full features. 



Right from the outset, CoSchedule is jam-packed with features, tools, and enhancements that are poised to help you create, schedule and manage your content marketing activities like a champ.

We absolutely love that it brings all our content under one roof, helping save precious money and time. To us, the tool is like our own virtual assistant that works 24/7 to ensure streamlined content management and scheduling. Final take: it’s worth every penny!


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CoSchedule Review - Is It Worth Your Money?

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  1. Thank you for this. It’s hard for me to really appreciate how much time and effort goes into effective blogging. Just your talking about how CoSchedule helps gives me an idea of what this process is like at your level. It gets me thinking about how I want the “endgame” of blogging to look. What do I want out of all this?

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