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a supportive and friendly community

The main purpose of this group is to connect, share tips, offer feedback, have discussions and foster collaboration. We also have daily promo threads and Promo Friday to help you grow your blog and social media following; live training and guest expert events.

This private Facebook group will help you with any questions you may have about blogging legally and blogging profitably. Thousands of bloggers and online entrepreneurs have their blogging journey changed by the support  they’ve found in this community – now, YOU’RE NEXT!

How to Join?

Read the group rules below

Please read the group rules below before requesting to join or your request may not be accepted. You will also find out who Tiny is. 

group Rules

Start by familiarising yourself with the Group rules below and feel free to introduce yourself and your blog or vlog.

You can use the group wall any time to ask for feedback or help, to request collaboration, to share your struggles or your wins, or just to chat with other members (and you can post links to your blog if relevant).

You can always reply to another member’s post with a link to one of your posts if relevant and helpful.

But please don’t post links directly on the group wall.

We have daily promo threads + #PromoFriday to help you promote and grow your blog.

The purpose of #PromoFriday is to give exposure to new blogs and offer the opportunity to new bloggers to promote their own posts.

So, on Fridays (#PromoFriday), you can post on the wall one of YOUR OWN posts.

The following is NOT allowed on the wall or in reply to other members’ posts on any day:

NO promotion of Facebook groups. NO direct affiliate links (unless they’re affiliate links for Lucrezia’s, Marina’s or Tinylovebug’s free or paid courses, products or templates – if you’re part of our affiliate program, you can use your own affiliate links). NO Follow for Follow/Like for Like.

The promotion of Pinterest boards is allowed.

Affiliate links to Lucrezia’s or Marina’s free or paid courses, products or templates posted by our affiliates are allowed. You’re welcome to apply to join our affiliate program.

NO promotion of courses, services, challenges, webinars, products and the like on the wall or in reply to other members’ posts on any day.

If you would like to promote something that can be valuable to the members of this community, you can contact us here and we can discuss suitable forms of collaboration.

Please be mindful of the rules when posting on the group wall or in reply to other posts. When in doubt, please check the rules before posting.

Posts or comments in breach of these rules may be deleted without warning. Repeat “offenders” may be removed from the group without warning.

We don’t remove or delete posts or comments correctly posted as per rules. Facebook may delete them due to a recent glitch in their anti-spam tool (please see below Facebook glitch for further info).

Be nice, friendly and supportive of all other members. Please do not spam. Please do not reply to other members’ posts with unrelated self-promoting links. Please do not send other members private messages unless they asked you to do so.

If you have any concerns, issues, or problems with the Group or another Group member, please let Lucrezia or Marina know by tagging them.

Please do not send private messages on Facebook to any of the admins or moderators.

If your message is confidential, please contact us here



Every Friday, once the Friday Promo Thread is up and until the Saturday Promo Thread is up, you can post directly on the Wall #PromoFriday with a link to one of your recent blog posts.

1 post per person.

Self-promotion links outside of this timeframe may be deleted without warning.

Repeat “offenders” have been and will be removed from the group without warning.

We do not flag, report or mark as spam posts or comments, but Facebook does (please also see Facebook glitch below for further info)


  • Monday – Facebook Followers
  • Tuesday – Re-Pin
  • Wednesday – Sharing Is Power
  • Thursday – Blog Post Comments
  • BONUS Thursday – Instagram Followers
  • Friday – #PromoFriday
  • Saturday – Social Media Following
  • Sunday – Blog Post Comments or Shares

Please follow the rules for each specific thread.

1 link per person. No links in comment replies. No additional rules or requests in comment replies.

We do not flag, report or mark as spam posts or comments, but Facebook does.

Facebook may flag as spam and hide your comments in the daily threads if they all look the same (e.g. pinned, pinned, pinned, pinned, pinned). To avoid this, use some variety (e.g. pinned 1, pinned 2, I have pinned it, just pinned it, pinned to one of my boards)

Thanks for reading the rules. If you would like to be accepted into the group, you will need to provide the secret answer when prompted. Tiny is Lucrezia’s proudly adopted and overly cute American Staffy big boy.  So, here is the secret answer to the question: Tiny is a dog.

Facebook Glitch


Due to a recent glitch in the Facebook anti-spam tool, comments with links may be erroneously removed by Facebook.

We don’t remove comments with links correctly posted in daily promo threads or in reply to another member’s post when relevant, helpful, and in line with these rules.

It’s a Facebook glitch that has been affecting randomly a large number of users across several Facebook groups.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can personally do about it.

If this is happening to you, please contact Facebook.

In order to participate in our daily promo thread while you’re being affected by the Facebook glitch, use this workaround:

Add a space within your domain so that Facebook won’t detect it as a link and explain why you’re doing this in your comment. Members will understand and remove the space to visit your link.

Why These Rules

Many people have requested to join this group and we have not accepted their requests. As of June 2021, we have declined around 30,000 requests to join.

Requests - not accepted june 2021 30K

We’re not the fun police and we do want to support you and help promote your blog.

We have daily promo threads, #PromoFriday and compared to most other Facebook groups, a pretty loose policy on the kind of links you can post in your comments in reply to other members’ posts (when relevant to the original post).

However, we want to keep the wall spam free for a few reasons:

  1. Firstly, we don’t want our members to be inundated with notifications and their newsfeed cluttered with promotional posts. We wish for everyone to have a pleasant experience with our Facebook Group;
  2. Secondly, Facebook flags these kinds of posts as spam and we know of some Facebook Groups that were shut down because of spam;
  3. Finally, we want to keep a supportive community where the main aim is fostering collaboration, helping one another and establishing real connections.  We believe the advice of other bloggers may be pivotal for the success of your own blog, so we want to have a place where everyone can ask for, receive and offer help and feedback.

We understand that self-promotion is part of the blogging game and we also know that many of us may be in so many other Facebook groups that it’s not always easy to keep track of the rules of each group.

But please be mindful of other members and the rules and the purpose of this group when posting on the wall.

When in doubt, please check these rules.

Finally, you are also welcome to join our Pinterest Group Boards and Tailwind Tribes to get your pins repinned.

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Blogging for New Bloggers Facebook Group

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