What Are Fresh Pins on Pinterest and How to Make Them?

Learn what fresh pins are on Pinterest and how this Pinterest best practice can influence your Pinterest marketing. Plus a special gift for you!

what are Pinterest fresh pins

Pinterest is one of the best traffic sources for many bloggers, but not for all. Why? Because you need to have a strategy to get the best from Pinterest. And your strategy has to take into account Pinterest best practices.

I’ve got a post here which highlights all Pinterest best practices. However, there is one of Pinterest’s recommendations that requires a deeper explanation, (especially after the interview that Tailwind has had with Pinterest) regarding creation of fresh pins. 

Since at least 2018 Pinterest has been telling creators that they will reward fresh pins. But after the mentioned interview the panic about the topic has grown exponentially.

So here we are going to talk about the importance of fresh pins, what actually is considered a fresh pin, how this Pinterest best practice can influence your pinning strategy and if it is worth it.

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Why Pinterest rewards new content


As in everything, before tackling the practical part, I think it is important to understand the logic behind the recommendation. 

Pinterest’s final goal is to guarantee the best user experience. The more new content there is on the platform the easier it is for a user to find what they need.

Pinterest wants its user to spend time on the platform, if there is no new content people won’t go back.

As you may know, Pinterest is a visual platform so what they really need are new images, fresh pins.

That’s essentially why Pinterest asks their creators (bloggers like you and me) to create new content as often as they can.

Why does Pinterest want you to create new content all the time?

What is considered new content


Firstly, it is essential to understand what Pinterest considers a fresh pin.

You will read around that changing the pin description is enough but that’s absolutely wrong! Pinterest wants new images. So, your pin will be considered a fresh pin only if it is the first time that specific graphic appears on Pinterest.

need help with your Pinterest strategy?

But how different does an image have to be  from others that you have already used to be considered a fresh pin?

Always remember that even if it is true that you are playing with an algorithm but at the end of the day, you need real people to interact with your pins.

In other words, if the new pin is not different enough you maybe can fool Pinterest but not a real person. If I see the same pin with just different colours I won’t click on both of them and I would also get a bit annoyed. 

So changing your logo size,using a bigger font size, moving your text from one side to another and stuff like these won’t be enough to make a new pin.

The changes have to be meaningful, big enough to create obvious differences.

What does Pinterest consider a new pin?

Of course the best thing would be to create a completely different image! I understand that you, busy blogger, don’t have time to do that every single time but keep reading because I have some tips for you on this and also a little gift 🙂

Anyway, how do you create differences between pins?

1. Background images. Change the photo on your pin. I recommend trying to avoid using FREE stock photos, in fact, If you use a free stock photo that has been used too many times you run the risk that Pinterest won’t consider that pin a fresh pin. I either buy my photos here or I use some from Canva Pro. You can use the same image for multiple pins by changing the focus on it, zooming in and out or using only one part of the photos. Using the same photos with different styles of pins.

Fresh pins using the same image
Screen Shot 2020 05 09 at 4.51.09 pm
unnamed 1
Create fresh pins

2. You can use templates but I would change some of the text, the font, the colours, for different pins.

Free Pinterest templates
Using templates to create new pins

If you want to use templates that you did not create yourself please make sure that those templates follow Pinterest best practices. A pin without that kind of standard can actually hurt your Pinterest strategies. Check out Pinterest from P to T (from pinning to target visitors), I have a whole module about this.

How you should pin fresh pins on Pinterest


So what happens with fresh pins is that the second time that they are on Pinterest they are not fresh anymore. So what should you do? Create a pin, pin it one time and that’s it?

Absolutely not! Pinterest needs to understand what your pin is about so that it can show it for the right query. To do so, Pinterest needs data and it gets them from the boards where your pin is pinned to.

So, pin your new fresh pin to all your relevant boards. You will read somewhere max 10. That is only an indication it’s not the magic number. Usually, you will have on your Pinterest profile between 5 and 10 boards that are relevant for your pin, hence the number 10, but if you have 12 and they are really relevant please pin your pin to all of them (space them up).

Please note that a pin is considered fresh only the first time that it appears on Pinterest. If you pin a new pin to a secret board that will be the first time it will appear on Pinterest but you won’t get the benefit of the fresh pin as Pinterest doesn’t show pins on secret boards.

How to pin fresh pins

Even if they are different images, always space them up with Tailwind. Even if Pinterest doesn’t care, your followers will. And your followers are who will determine the success of your pins. Pinterest will consider your pin a good pin if your followers interact with it.

If I see 5 pins about the same blog post one next to each other what will happen is this. Even if they are different images I won’t save all of them and for sure I won’t click all of them and honestly, I would be annoyed (you are spamming me even if they are different images).

You can get Tailwind for free here and test out their new feature Smart Guide. It helps with Pinterest best practices.

Does this mean that you can’t repin your old pin ever again or that once you have done pinning to all your relevant boards that pin needs to die?  Absolutely not! However, you need to space them up. 

As an example, if you repin a pin in three months time probably even if I’ve already seen that pin I won’t remember. Plus that pin could come up on the feed of a new Pinterest user! 

How to make lots of pins in minutes


Making new pins will boost your Pinterest marketing for sure but you need to make them fast. Wasting days just to create some pins is not a good idea. Even if Pinterest is your first source of traffic, if you use all your time making pins you won’t have time to get to tasks with a higher ROI. 

Make new pins in a matter of minutes

I recommend creating some pins in Canva pro to get your creative flow going. But if you need more pins get some help. You could use some templates  in moderation) but only if you trust that the person that has created them has followed the rules of a great pin ( I do explain all the rules to follow for creating a great pin in my advanced course Pinterest from P to T).

What I’m doing right now is using Tailwind Create. This Tailwind’s feature lets you create multiple pins at once. You insert the details of your pin (like the text overlay, your logo etc) and it will create pins with different styles for you.

Once the app creates the pins for you, you can go and make some changes like the font used, the photos, the colours or even the text overlay to make it different for each pin.

Tailwind Create has already great stock photos and fonts but you can upload your own at any time.

I think it is worth the investment as it will save you so much time but you will still benefit from the fresh pins special treatment on Pinterest. Also, you can use Tailwind Create for all your social media graphics.

Best part: You can use Tailwind Create (max 15 graphics/moth) even with Tailwind’s “free forever plan” 

Now, because I know that often getting started with something is the worst part, I decided to boost your Pinterest marketing by giving you 10 free pins templates that you can use to increment the number of fresh pins on your Pinterest strategy.

A gift for you to boost your Pinterest marketing

They are templates for Canva pro as it is the best tool for creating pins. If you don’t have Canva pro you can get  it free here and get my templates for free.

Hope this can help. Get your FREE templates!

FREE Pinterest Canva PRO Templates

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