How to Scale Your Blog (Expert Interview)

Learn how to scale your blog/business and shatter the 7-figure ceiling in this interview with expert Drew DuBoff.

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Want to grow your blog? What about scaling it instead?

If you’re serious about turning your blog into a profitable business and want to become a 7-figure blogger soon, you don’t want to miss this expert interview.

I had the pleasure of interviewing live in our Facebook Group Blogging for New Bloggers, the most knowledgeable and insightful  Drew DuBoff of

Drew coaches struggling online entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale their businesses and shatter the 7-figure ceiling.

He uses his experience working with 6-figure and 7-figure bloggers to help entrepreneurs systemize their businesses.

So, I thought of inviting him to share his expertise on how to scale your blog. His scaling blueprint will show you how to outsource effectively, systemize your business, and achieve your income goals.

If you missed our live interview you want the watch the replay here because Drew goes through much, much more than I could recap in his answers below. I promise, it’s worth your time!

If you’re in a bit of a rush at the moment, don’t sweat it! You can always pin it for later!  

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Lucrezia's interview with expert Drew DuBoff of

photo of Drew DuBoff

Drew coaches struggling online entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale their businesses and shatter the 7-figure ceiling. He’s been featured on, Yahoo Finance, MSN, Business Insider, The Penny Hoarder, and more as a freelancing expert and uses his experience working with 6-figure and 7-figure bloggers to help entrepreneurs systemize their businesses. You can snag his Scaling Blueprint right here.

Can you tell us a bit about your blog and your background?



I originally started on a career advice blog (same domain), but that was an absolute flop. It just didn’t feel right and I never made a dime from it.

However, in the process, I started freelancing and working for 6-figure and 7-figure bloggers in the make money online space. 

I eventually rebranded into business growth, scaling, and outsourcing, as that’s what I’d done for my clients and it’s gone great. I’m even transitioning into more OBM (online business management) work, which entails hiring, outsourcing, project management, and more. 

I’ve monetized in ways that I haven’t expected, but it’s certainly a niche where you have to prove yourself. 

Once you prove your worth on other successful bloggers’ sites, your ability, credibility, and authority soar. 

What does scaling a business mean? How do you scale a blog?


I think that you can only describe scaling when you first describe growth. 

Those are two concepts that people screw up often, not intentionally, but because of ignorance.

Growth is when you add expenses at the same time that you add revenue. Yes, you’re making more money, but your net profit isn’t going to be much different. 

Scaling is when you exponentially increase your revenue with minimal costs. This dramatically increases your bottom line and is what you should strive for. 


To scale, you have to grow. 

You can’t just scale immediately. 

You need to have the funds to do it. You need to have the team to do it. But, most importantly, you need to have processes that will enable you to scale. 

You need to have systems.

What are the fears bloggers face that prevent them from outsourcing and scaling their business and what would you recommend to overcome them? 


This is something that I discuss in my email sequence, but I also go over it on my about page

I began to understand why more struggling entrepreneurs don’t outsource:

  1. They think that they’ll do a better job than anyone they hire will do. Period. No exceptions. They understand their audience and how to interact with them and think that’s something that can’t be taught.
  2. If they continually flex their hustle muscle, they’ll achieve more success. After all, that’s what got them there and the same tactic can apply to grow beyond where they are.
  3. They have trust issues. Will someone they hire run their business properly without babysitting?
  4. They think it costs too much money to add people to their team. Not to mention, the change on filing taxes.
  5. They’ve only ever managed themselves. Do they have what it takes to effectively manage a team to foster success and growth?

Let me tell you…

These fears are real. They’re tangible. And, until you can control your mindset to think differently, you will hold back your business’ growth.

The right freelancers (such as me) won’t cause these fears to manifest. They’re only thought until you decide to believe them.

As you grow and scale your blog, is it still possible in your opinion to keep your blog true to its initial mission?


Yes, it is!

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. On my Scaling Success Stories interview series, every interview asks the question of if you have to sell your soul to make money online. 

I think, and so do my series guests, that the key to scaling is with authenticity, generosity, and transparency. 

If you genuinely help people and stay true to your mission, making money online will feel like the reward and less like the guiding action. 

If you genuinely help people and stay true to your mission, making money online will feel like the reward and less like the guiding action.

What are your 3 best tips on scaling your blog?


This is a great question and one that I don’t think is discussed enough. 

Most people don’t prepare to scale; rather, they just start doing it. I’m not sure that’s the right approach. 

To me, this is what you need to do BEFORE you scale your business.

  1. Document the SOPs (standard operating procedures) in your business and make them SO simplified that any routine worker can perform them without difficulty
  2. Optimize your landing pages, email funnels, etc. so that when you send paid traffic to them, you set yourself up to make money and know how much it’s going to cost and how much you’re going to make
  3. Set up a cash flow management system. You’re going to be hiring more people and spending more money on advertising, so you need to have a system that has money flowing into your bank account consistently and predictably. I like Profit First by Mike Michalowicz for this.

I mentioned routine workers, so I want to clarify what that means. When outsourcing, you have routine workers and specialized workers. 

Routine means they perform repeatable tasks at an often lower rate. 

Specialized means they perform skilled tasks at a higher rate. 

It’s what separates a general VA from an Ontraport or Infusionsoft specialist, if you get my drift. 

You need both kinds of people on your team. And, yes, you need a team to scale successfully. 

You can’t do it alone.

You need a team to scale your blog successfully.  You can’t do it alone.

Can you tell us more about your scaling blueprint and the services you offer? 

Sure can! 

My Scaling Blueprint is broken into three parts: 

  1. Outsource Effectively
  2. Systemize Your Business
  3. Shatter Your Income Goals

When you sign up for that, you’ll get put into a lovely email sequence and if you stick around long enough, you’ll get a $100 discount on my coaching program

I’ve got exciting plans for coaching in the next few months, so get on that email list if you want to be there for the big debut

Where can we go to learn more?


You can head right on over to and leave a comment on one of my posts so I can say hi 🙂 

Hope this expert interview gives you a clearer plan on how to scale your blog and shatter the 7-figure income ceiling!

If you want to watch the next expert interviews live you can join our Facebook group Blogging for New Bloggers here.

You can check out the  next expert interviews in our event calendar here.

And if you have any questions for Drew on how to scale your blog, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

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How to Scale Your Blog (Expert Interview)
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