How We Made $30,423.77 in a Month Blogging – May Income Report

Find out how we made over $30K blogging last month and where the money came from to get some ideas on how to make money blogging and inspiration to replicate the same

How we made over $30K in one month blogging income report

If you have been reading my posts for a while, you will know that I’m a bit long-winded and tend to write super comprehensive posts of thousands and thousands of words.

But I will keep this income report short and to the point because I know you just want to know how we made money from our blog and where the money came from so that you can replicate the same.

And this brings us to the question of why we publish income reports.

Why an income report?


You may have seen many bloggers publish their income reports.  It’s a quite common thing to do in the blogging community.

However, everyone does it for different reasons.

We do want to be accountable and transparent with our audience, but that’s not the only reason.

We publish income reports for several reasons.

I will list here the main ones.



Not so much towards ourselves as we have an accountant that makes our financial reports monthly so we know exactly where we stand in terms of stats, revenues, income, and profit. It’s more to be accountable towards you.

I personally have a blogging course on how to start and run a profitable blog where I share the exact blueprint that makes me $20K+ every single month. So, I believe it’s only fair that I show you how I make money blogging – although please always keep in mind our earnings disclaimer. 

Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track

Resource for you


Among other things (how to protect your blog legally, how to start a successful blog, Pinterest, etc.), we teach how to make money blogging.

An income report is an opportunity for you to see the different ways you can make money blogging, which income stream you could consider, what affiliate programs are worth joining, and so on.  

Marketing tool for us


Income reports drive lots of traffic and they also convert well. So, it’s another way for us to increase our blogging income. 



I remember in my first year of blogging, I loved reading success stories. They always gave me a spike in motivation. Looking at the income reports of bloggers who were making over $5K per month was really inspirational and gave me the drive to pursue your blogging career. 

So now that I have been making a full-time income blogging, I want to give back to the community and I hope you will find this report inspirational.

The key here is to remember that we’ve been blogging for 3 years. Our success didn’t happen overnight, but it took a combination of the right strategy, perseverance, and hard work.

If you take it one step at the time, and rejoice at each of your little successes, you will stay focused and be likely to achieve the ultimate goal even sooner than expected.

So, now, let’s have a look at how we made $30,423.77 blogging last month.

But before we dive in, a couple of reminders:

If you’re in a rush at the moment or if you’d like to keep this income report as a resource to come back at a later time, you can always pin it for later. 

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information. If not otherwise stated, all prices are intended in US$.

How we made $30,423.77 in a month blogging - May income report

Sale of our courses and templates


  • USD 9,649.23
  • AUD 14,080.81

Schreenshot of sales of our courses and templates for income report

Most of our income as usual came from the sale of our blogging, Pinterest, and legal courses and legal templates for legal pages on our Blogging for New Bloggers School which is hosted on Teachable.

In our opinion, this is one of the best ways to make money blogging and we do recommend every blogger to offer their own course

The revenue from the sale of our courses and templates doesn’t include the revenue from our coaching and blogging, legal, and Pinterest audits as we don’t book those through Teachable. However, this may change in the future as Teachable has just released a new feature that would allow us to run our coaching and audits on the same platform. I’m all for streamlining things and I’m so excited about this! 

In May, we ran a flash sale for the Legal Bundle Value Pack™. The flash sale went very well and increased the number of sales. However, the increase is not reflected much in this month’s revenue as most sales were made on the last day of the flash sale which was May 31st but was already June 1st here in Australia so the spike in sales will show in the revenue report for June. 

We’ve also started playing with Facebook ads recently but it was already June here when we started so this increase will also only show in the revenue report for June.

In fact, in the first few days of June, the stats are already showing an increase in revenue compared to May without having migrated our coaching and audit program to Teachable yet.

Screenshot of sales of our courses and templates for income report next month

Our conversions and sales have gone up thanks to using Repuso and ProveSource but we have been using these tools for a couple of months and we had already tracked the increase in conversions.

join our school
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Affiliate Marketing


  • USD 6,083.42
  • AUD 8,877.34

A big chunk of our revenue came through the promotion of products, tools, and courses as affiliates.

I think what works well for us is the fact that we only promote stuff that is perfect for our target audience, their budget and the stage they’re at. 

We promote products, tools, e-books, and courses that really address a pain point for our audience and provide them with an actual solution to their problem.

We don’t only make sure that what we promote is of the highest quality standard but we also do our best to get our audience special discounts or to find and recommend the best deals and bargains around.

We still implement most of the affiliate marketing strategies I discussed in this post a while ago. They still work extremely well for us.

But this year, we have been way more selective on what we share with our audience, we have significantly cut out the products and courses that we promote to limit them to only a few worthwhile partnerships with like-minded bloggers. 

We’re in a much stronger position than we were when we first started 3 years ago. So, it came only natural to move our focus to cross-promotion rather than affiliate marketing per se. 

But without further ado, let’s see where our affiliate marketing income came from. 

Ultimate Bundles

USD 1,240.40

Screenshot commission from Ultimate bundles for income report


This is hands down my favourite affiliate program!

Ultimate Bundles are collections of online resources sold at the whopping discount of 90-98% OFF the original price. 

Some bundles are open for sale for a limited amount of time (usually 5 days) while others are evergreen and are available all year round. 

The bundles are absolutely awesome, they’re super affordable, they’re literally a bargain! 

Every time there is a new bundle out or they’re running a flash sale, I am so excited to share it with my audience. They get to purchase resources for a total value of thousands of dollars for just the price of an e-book and I want to be the one telling them about the incredible deal!

I have been a contributor for some of these bundles and so, in a sense, they also feel like my own babies. 

My favourite bundles which I think every blogger or online entrepreneur should absolutely have, are the Work at Home Bundle, the Productivity Bundle, and the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

But Ultimate Bundles offer bundles in many different niches so you would definitely find some that are interesting and valuable to your readers and yourself. 

You can check the available bundles out here and join the program as an affiliate here

How we made over 30K in one month blogging income report

HerPaperRoute Academy 

USD 1,032.50

Screenshot earnings from HerPaperRoute for income report

We know very well how valuable are the resources that our friend Chelsea has been offering over the years at HerPaperRoute. So, when she launched an epic WordPress course called Wicked At WordPress we knew this would be the perfect resource to recommend our audience. 

Chelsea’s course goes through all the queries and questions that we receive on a daily basis via email and in our Facebook Group Blogging for New Bloggers.

These are questions that we’re asked day in and day out over and over again.

But thanks to this course, our audience finally got to have all the answers in one place and say bye to wasting massive amounts of time researching on Google, watching YouTube tutorials, or asking fellow bloggers on Facebook groups to find the exact answer to their query.

If you ever look at your website and wish you could make it look better and more professional but you have no idea where to start or  if you wish your website could convert more customers and clients but you are totally at a loss as soon as you hear things like ‘funnels’ ‘coding’ and ‘snippets’, then check out Wicked At WordPress!

Checkout how we made over $30K last month blogging ...and so can you too!


USD 377.40

Screenshot of earning from AppSumo for income report

AppSumo is literally THE place to be. I have scored so many incredible deals and every time I see a bargain on there I can’t help but tell others because I know 100% they will love it as much as I do. 

Screenshot deal promotion for income report


USD 141.84

Screenshots earning from PodCourse for income report

This course is so unbelievably good that these conversions happened when the course wasn’t even launched yet! I’m serious! Take this FREE webinar (free only for a limited time) and tell me if this is not A M A Z I N G! We made more sales for this course but they are recorded in June after the official launch. 

I also have an exclusive discount for you that will save you 20% on PodCourse! So, if you missed the launch price, this would bring it down to the same price. Enter coupon code LUCREZIA at checkout to claim 20% OFF

Siteground AUD 1,900

Bluehost USD 1,365

Shareasale (for Tailwind,  Namecheap, and Genesis Framework) USD 409.44

ConvertKit USD 104.40

Teachable USD 35.10

Divi USD 213.50

Canva Pro USD 37.21

Keysearch USD 31.62

Miscellaneous USD 202.43

I might have forgotten some because there are too many places to check and I still can’t find a good tool that would track all my affiliate income in just one dashboard. If you know of any, please let me know! And yes, give me your affiliate link and I will buy straight away through yours! 

Check out this blog income report for some inspiration and ideas on how to make money blogging ($30k+ a month)

Sponsored Content


  • USD 475
  • AUD 693.15

We don’t like doing too many sponsored posts because we want to be free from external scrutiny and deadlines. We also much prefer the flexibility of monetizing our blog posts the way we see fit and to change and adjust things down the track. However, we do accept a few sponsored opportunities every month if they seem to be a good fit. 

Services (Coaching; Legal & Pinterest Audits)


  • USD 4,641
  • AUD 6,772.46

This is a bit less of what we usually make from our services because Marina is in her last month of pregnancy so we both didn’t take much on in May. The beauty of having your own business is that you get to decide when you want to focus on growing it or focus on other (more) important things in life such as family and friends. And so these past months, we gave priority to family and we will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

Now that Teachable has released the new coaching feature, we may consider moving these services within our school in the near future.

Teachable Coaching Masterclass banner

If you’re interested in starting with online coaching, I have some great news! Teachable is offering a FREE masterclass that covers all the basics and action items you need to get started.

They’ve only made this available free for a limited time, so make sure not to miss this one.

  • TOTAL Revenue in USD 20,848.65
  • TOTAL Revenue in AUD 30,423.77



Siteground GoGeek Plan & Namecheap  NIL (paid annually)

Elementor PRO NIL (paid annually)

Teachable AUD 77.33 (special price for Professional Plan)

ConvertKit AUD 151.49

Tailwind NIL (we earn enough credits from referrals to cover our plan Plus with Unlimited PowerUp)

SEMRush AUD 144.47

Keysearch AUD 24.81

Interact NIL (we’ve received the top plan for free)

Social Warfare NIL (paid annually)

MeetEdgar AUD 28.93 (special price)

Social Bee $49 x 2 (special lifetime offer on AppSumo) AUD 143.01

RelayThat NIL (we’ve received it for free)

CanvaPRO AUD 17.99

Repuso NIL (we got it for free)

Affiliates AUD 1970.33 

Team (VA, Outreach Manager, Proofreader) AUD 1,680.72 (less than usual as in May, we took on fewer projects to focus on family)

Accountant AUD 128

Miscellaneous AUD 40

  • TOTAL Expenses in AUD 4,407.08
  • TOTAL Expenses in USD 3,020.06


  • NET PROFIT in USD 17,828.59
  • NET PROFIT in AUD 26,016.69

A few things to note about this income report


  • We record our monthly revenue in AUD because that’s the currency we receive most payments in and we make all our payments in so it’s easier for us to keep track this way.
  • This income report shows the revenue that we generated in May but we will probably receive the related payouts between June and July. Our accountant keeps track of what we actually receive every month and bases his reports on that, while we look at it in terms of the sales and revenue generated during that month.
  • This income report doesn’t take into account possible refunds where applicable.
  • This income report doesn’t take into account all the courses and tools we received for free in May for a total value of over $1,000.
  • We believe it’s wise to have different income streams instead of putting all your eggs in one basket. However, at this stage, we don’t have display ads. This may change in the future if we decide to review our strategy.

I hope you’ll find this income report inspiring. 

Keep in mind that we don’t run ads and we don’t rely on huge amounts of traffic. Our strength lies in converting our visitors and followers into loyal customers. We offer a wealth of incredibly valuable content. As a result, our upgrade conversion and repeat purchase rates are outstandingly high.

So, remember you don’t need huge amounts of traffic to be successful and make money blogging. 

What’s really important to make money blogging is that you provide valuable content, engage your audience, build trust, and grow a community.

If you do that, it doesn’t matter how many people visit your website because you will always have a tribe of raving fans who want to hear from you and want to buy from you.

If you want to learn how to do that, first you need to make sure you have a solid foundation.

Take my Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track course where I show you how to lay the foundations of a profitable blog and go through the exact blueprint that makes me 20K+ blogging every single month. 

Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track

If you’d like to skyrocket your conversions, take Marina’s Pinterest from P to T – From Pinning to Target Visitors. This is a Pinterest course that doesn’t only cover the usual Pinterest stuff but goes through advanced strategies and SEO visibility and clickability secrets.  

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How We Made $30,423.77 in a Month Blogging - May Income Report

free 5-day email course

Blogging for new bloggers fast track

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7 thoughts on “How We Made $30,423.77 in a Month Blogging – May Income Report”

      1. I’m new to trying to monetise blogging, you’ve used a lot of terms and products here that I have no idea what they even are 🙁 was hoping this was aimed at “new bloggers” and I could get to grips with it quickly 🙁

        1. Lucrezia Iapichino

          I’m sorry to hear that. Our income reports are primarily geared towards our students who have taken my free blogging course Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track where I go through the different ways to monetize your blog. You may find this post on our other blog more useful as it addresses the basics but keep in mind that we’ve all been there and you will be familiar with the lingo and all these tools in no time! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. Great breakdown. I love to see when bloggers share the details of how they made their income. It gives me the motivation that mine will get there one day.

  2. Wow, I’m inspred by your work, keep going, I can learn a lot from you. I really have to keep coming back to this post for motivation
    Thank for sharing this info

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