How to Choose Pinterest Board Names to Get More Blog Traffic (Today)

Learn why Pinterest board names are so important for Pinterest marketing. Naming Pinterest Boards the right way is crucial for Pinterest SEO. In fact, not only boards can rank but they transfer their SEO juice to your pins!

Pinterest board names are so important for Pinterest marketing

If you want to increase your blog traffic one of the best ways to go is definitely Pinterest, especially if you are a new blogger.

However, Pinterest marketing is a complex game and every little detail matters. And you can’t even imagine how important Pinterest board names are.

But before starting with your boards, make sure that you have the perfect Pinterest profile for your blog!

If you are wondering how to name your Pinterest boards, you are in the right place as this post is all about choosing the best names for your Pinterest boards!

First thing, what is a Pinterest board? Pinterest boards are the most important element of Pinterest. They are a kind of folder on Pinterest where you can save (pin) images linked to a website (pins) for future reference. In other words, you can’t do much on Pinterest without creating boards.

There are two types of boards that you can use on Pinterest:

Your own boards: the boards that you create for your profile and where only you can pin

Pinterest group boards: which are boards where more than one person can pin. You can either participate in other people’s group boards or create your own group boards and invite other pinners to collaborate. 

Read here everything you need to know about Pinterest group boards.

Apply to our Pinterest group boards which are open for contributors

In this post, we will talk about the importance of naming Pinterest group boards the right way.

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Why Pinterest Board names are so important 


Firstly, choosing the right board’s name can help people understand what your board is actually about and what to expect to find in it. Even Pinterest says so in their creative best practices.

Second, as you probably know, Pinterest has a built-in search engine. And guess what? If you choose the right name for your Pinterest boards they can rank too.

Even better, Pinterest boards can rank in Google!   

But definitely, the most important effect that your Pinterest board names have on your Pinterest marketing is that it influences your pins.

In fact, when you first pin to a given board that pin will get all the SEO juice from that board.

Pins get the SEO juice from your boards. Naming a Pinterest board the right way is essential!

So, if you have done a good job with choosing your board name, your pin will benefit from it.

Now that we have seen why Pinterest boards’ names are so important, let’s check out the guideline to follow when choosing Pinterest board names.

So, what you want is a name that is:

easily findable

easily understandable

related to the pins that you will save on the board.


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How do you name a board on Pinterest?


  • Think ahead when naming Pinterest boards

The boards on your profile is where you are going to pin your pins. So, definitely, you want boards related to your blog topic. And you want lots of them so that you can re-pin your own pin multiple times.

Take Tinylovebug’s Pinterest profile as an example:

Think ahead when naming Pinterest boards

If  you have a post about “How to get traffic to your blog with Pinterest” you can pin it onto the following boards:

  1. Pinterest strategies (of course)
  2. Blog traffic (it is showing how to get blog traffic)
  3. Social media (Pinterest is a social media, isn’t it?)
  4. Blogging for beginners (Beginning bloggers want to know everything about getting traffic)
  5. Blogging by Tinylovebug (it’s the website content so it goes on the website content board)

 Hey, this is already five repins: five times that the pin comes up on Pinterest, five times that followers have the possibility to interact with the pin!

 Warning: do not repin your pins to all the related boards at once. Space them up. You can easily do this with Tailwind.

  • Stay on topic

Pinterest works a lot like Google so the more your Pinterest profile niches down the better.

Also, be always aware that you need to SEO your profile but you still create content for people and if someone is interested in your content about “business” they don’t want to see other boards about weight loss or similar.

  • Choosing clever Pinterest board names is not a good idea

Don’t be witty with Pinterest board names

Pinterest acts as a search engine so you want to name your Pinterest boards in a way that is easily searchable.

I saw a board that was named “I got you covered” and was all about bedding. This definitely goes on the list of creative Pinterest board names! Funny uh?

Nope! Completely wrong!

Firstly, I needed to go into the board to understand what it was about, “I got you covered” can mean anything.

Secondly, and most importantly, no one that is looking for ideas on bedding will search “I got you covered”. NO ONE.

  • Use keywords in your Pinterest board names

Keywords are essential in the Pinterest world! Pinterest has a built-in search engine, you don’t want to miss out on in this aspect of Pinterest marketing.

Honestly, if you are not taking advantage of Pinterest’s search engine capability you are doing Pinterest marketing wrong!

Keywording is not all in Pinterest marketing but it covers a big chunk of what you need to do to come out on Pinterest search results.

So, use keywords everywhere (without keyword stuffing) and especially in your board names.

Remember boards can rank (but only if you use keywords) and they transfer the SEO juice to your pins.

The best Pinterest board name generator is Pinterest’s search bar


Yep, if you know a little bit about Pinterest SEO, you know that Pinterest makes your life easier by showing you the best search for a given topic. (if you are new to Pinterest, you can enroll in my FREE Pinterest course).

What you need to do is use the search bar and write your topic to see which are the best keywords for Pinterest.

The best Pinterest board name generator is Pinterest’s search bar

For example, if your topic is “blog traffic” you can see that Pinterest suggests some keywords related to it

Pinterest Keywords

Starting from the left the keywords are shown by the most searched.

 In this example, the most common searches for someone that wants to read about blog traffic would probably be “tips for blogging traffic” and then “increase blog traffic” and so on.

 And, of course, these are the keywords that you want to use.

 If you want to be more specific and create long tail keywords you can click on one of the suggested words and Pinterest gives you more results.

This is the way to name a board on Pinterest

So that you can create a long tail keyword for example in this case: “Social media tips for blog traffic”.

You can create multiple boards on the same topic and niche down.

So you can create a board and name it “blog traffic” where you will pin all the pins related to increase blog traffic, you can create another board named “social media tips for blog traffic” in which you will pin only the pins that show how out to grow your blog traffic through social media.

Please, when you pin your pins to multiple boards, always remember to space them up. I use Tailwind for this and I use Tailwind for lots of reasons that you can read here.

Use Pinterest topics


Another smart way to choose your Pinterest board names is by using Pinterest topics.

Do you know that on Pinterest in addition to people you can follow topics also?

 So, check some topics close to your niche and get ideas.

For example, if your niche is health and fitness check “clean eating”

You can use Pinterest topics to pick your Pinterest board names

19,480,889 people follow this topic on Pinterest, this means that 19,480,889 people will be interested in your board!

And there is more! It gives you more specific topics to create more niched boards: clean eating diet, clean eating meals, diet meal plans, clean eating desserts and clean eating chicken.

How to craft the perfect Pinterest board’s description


Most people don’t add a description to their boards. If you are one of them you are missing out!

The description is actually one of the most important parts of the board.

It gives indications to Pinterest on what the board is about but it also gives indications to people who have found the board.

It’s true that on Pinterest we are playing against an algorithm but, at the end of the day, who chooses to follow or anyway check out a board are people.

So, your description has to be created to be found by a machine but in a way that appeals to real people.

So the board description is a great place where to use keywords but you should use that real estate also to make people curious so that they check out the board’s content and probably stick around. 

You can also use a CTA in your board’s description but try to avoid hashtags. 

Your Pinterest board descriptions have to be created to be found by a machine but in a way that appeals to real people.

What are Pinterest board sections and should you use them?


You can create sections inside your boards.

 Let’s say that you have a board for travel you can create some sections like Europe, Asia, America etc.

 Honestly, this feature is more useful if you use Pinterest as a “private user” as you can organise your pins in a way that lets you find them easily.

 However, if you are a blogger and use Pinterest to give visibility to your content, sections are not really useful and probably harmful.

 At least at this stage, they don’t give SEO data and they keep you from re-pinning your pins multiple times.


Take my FREE 9-day email course and start with Pinterest the right way! Enroll now – it’s FREE!

Do you need Pinterest board covers?


No, you don’t but aren’t they pretty?

Pinterest board covers

Jokes aside they make your profile nicer and in brand, so I would say if you have time do it.

 You can use to make your board covers. (At present the cover size is 800 x 800 – but that can change with Pinterest)

As per a board’s organisation, I would put my most relevant boards close to the top to give them more visibility.

Final thoughts on how to choose Pinterest board names


In a nutshell,  don’t choose creative Pinterest board names, use keywords and create multiple boards on the same topic (if it’s a topic on which you write often).

Now, it’s over to you, do your research and choose the best Pinterest board names!

Let me know in the comments if you need help.

How to Choose Pinterest Board Names to Get More Blog Traffic (Today)

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  1. I have definitely earmarked this for later, because I definitely appreciate this super thorough guide! Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. This posts is absolutely amazing! My Pinterest needs a good deep clean, I knew names were porting because sometimes a board that I think should pop up related to my pin doesn’t but I had no idea how off I was until reading this. I’m so excited to see how my Pinterest does after this. I do have one question… how do I find topics to follow on Pinterest? I tried the search board but I don’t see where to follow topics. Thanks so much.

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      Hi Jenn, Thank you 🙂

      To find some topics that could work for you go onto the list of your followers. Pick one and go onto their following list, choose topics on the dropdown menu and you have a list of topics to choose from.

  3. Good simple easy advice. I have been blogging at for a while and need to build my tribe. I feel this is a good direction for me. Thanks.

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