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How to make your blog GDPR compliant in less than 48 hours (templates + checklists & action plan included)


Legal Bundle Value Pack™

FTC+GDPR compliant templates drafted by an experienced lawyer to have all your legal pages ready & your blog legally protected in less than 1/2 hour


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Lucrezia Iapichino

Hey there, I’m Lucrezia and I'm the co-founder of Blogging for New Bloggers & + a lawyer & university lecturer (LLB, LLM, PhD)... I find myself in the unique position of being a blogger, a trained lawyer specialized in International & EU law and a university lecturer with over 15 years of legal and teaching experience. I've helped 2,000+ bloggers, website owners and other content creators to blog legally and create easy-to-read, highly effective, and FTC + GDPR compliant legal pages.

What People are saying

I knew that it was so important to make sure that I was blogging legally and the fact that a large portion of my audience is from the UK meant I needed some guidance on being GDPR compliant. Most legal sites I came across offered their legal pages at a huge expense (which I didn’t have as a newbie) and did not directly cover GDPR compliance. Then I found Lucrezia’s GDPR course. Coming straight from a lawyer from the EU, it was absolutely everything I needed in one, low- priced package. She explains the tough legal jargon in easy to understand ways and with the bonus privacy, cookie and subscriber form templates, you can literally be set up and running compliant in no time. After about 15 minutes of personalization (which she highlights for ease), I had every page and requirement set up the right way, which totally put me at ease. I could finally run my blog without being worried about any legal infringements. I highly recommend any of Lucrezia’s courses!!
I was dreading my Privacy Policy, and GDPR just made it so much worse. I just wanted to write, not stress about legalese and whether I was or wasn’t in compliance with my blog! As a result I put it off for way too long, which just caused more stress. And it was all so unnecessary! When I found Lucrezia’s templates option it instantly simplified everything — she’s a lawyer with EU expertise and using her template I had my Privacy Policy customized and posted within an hour. And with that a HUGE task, that had been dogging me for months, checked off my to-do list. If you’re considering it all just go for it! Get this done and gain the peace of mind to move on to other important tasks. You’ll be glad you did!
Legal templates are all over the internet, but I often find that they often contain unnecessary or outdated information. Being very unsavvy with the law, I knew I needed some direction on what information to include and leave out. Originally I paid a company to help me set up a privacy policy, but I later found out that they had me include unnecessary information (and things that could have gotten me in trouble). That’s when I decided I wanted someone that specialized in helping bloggers. Lucrezia’s templates were easy to use, as she has suggestions and notes that go along with them. I know that they’re GDPR compliant as she specializes in European law, and I love that she consistently updates all of her courses to reflect current legal practices. Overall, her templates are a very small investment – but it can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future. They are WELL worth it.

Legally Blogs

Legal Course for Bloggers
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Legal Course for Bloggers
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