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photo of Jessie Festa for testimonial for GDPR template

“One aspect of blogging that many bloggers neglect, likely because it can be confusing, is the legal side of things. But it’s so important! Luckily, Lucrezia breaks down exactly what you need to have on your blog to be GDPR compliant — even going so far as to include plug-and-play templates for creating a Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Such a timesaver!”

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“With over 59,000 data breach notifications in the first year of GDPR, we’re seeing more and more companies hit with fines related to it. As a small business owner, this was scary to me as my business was growing fast. I spent some time pretending that GDPR didn’t exist because the information was complicated and confusing, and I hoped that as a relatively small blogger I wouldn’t be affected by it (which isn’t true – many small businesses are being hit with fines too). As my first business grew and I started up my second, the pressure was on to become compliant with GDPR. I usually do a lot of my own research, but the information on GDPR around the web was complicated, confusing, and often conflicted with other resources. Lucrezia’s course offered clarity and actionable steps to get my blog legally compliant with GDPR. As a specialist in European law, I feel good about implementing her suggestions as I know she has a better understanding of the legal requirements than other legal officials in the blogging realm. Even if you think you’re GDPR compliant, I would recommend this course as I think there are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to GDPR, and the fact that it’s updated makes it an invaluable resource when it comes to your business. 

Legal templates are all over the internet, but I often find that they often contain unnecessary or outdated information. Being very unsavvy with the law, I knew I needed some direction on what information to include and leave out. Originally I paid a company to help me set up a privacy policy, but I later found out that they had me include unnecessary information (and things that could have gotten me in trouble). That’s when I decided I wanted someone that specialized in helping bloggers. Lucrezia’s templates were easy to use, as she has suggestions and notes that go along with them. I know that they’re GDPR compliant as she specializes in European law, and I love that she consistently updates all of her courses to reflect current legal practices. Overall, her templates are a very small investment – but it can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future. They are WELL worth it.”

photo of pamela for testimonial Pamela Schmidlin │ doggonehealthychoices.com

“Hey, of all the courses I took and am taking this email day is the BEST… now don’t be getting a big head and change on me! But WOW….you blew my mind……”

headshot of brad for testimonial Brad Ruttenberg │ TheMoneyTwins.com

“This course was so very helpful! I was utterly overwhelmed with everything that goes into a blog and your course is the first thing that gave me some direction! Even using the Yoast plug in proved difficult until you came along! I specifically like the recommendations on keyword research.  Thanks so much!”

Headshot of Sasha for Testimonial “As a new blogger,  there was so much to learn about blogging and I didn’t even think about the legal ramifications involved.  After some research,  I knew that it was so important to make sure that I was blogging legally and the fact that a large portion of my audience is from the UK meant I needed some guidance on being GDPR compliant.  Most legal sites I came across offered their legal pages at a huge expense (which I didn’t have as a newbie) and did not directly cover GDPR compliance.  Then I found Lucrezia’s GDPR course. Coming straight from a lawyer from the EU, it was absolutely everything I needed in one,  low- priced package.  She explains the tough legal jargon in easy to understand ways and with the bonus privacy,  cookie and subscriber form templates, you can literally be set up and running compliant in no time. After about 15 minutes of personalization (which she highlights for ease), I had every page and requirement set up the right way, which totally put me at ease. I could finally run my blog without being worried about any legal infringements. I highly recommend any of Lucrezia’s courses!!” 

headshot of Esme for testimonial “I have nothing but good words for Lucrezia’s and Marina’s courses.  I have worked through the GDPR Compliant Blog course, and refer to it on a constant basis. Had it not been for this course, EsmeSalon will not be compliant and may have been subjected to fines or being sued. Lucrezia’s and Marina’s courses are the best I have come across and will continue to use and recommend them to all those that wish to listen and get help from THE BEST as it has helped me tremendously.  I am suitably impressed and will remain a client for a long time as they truly go the extra mile to ensure they have up to date information in their courses. I couldn’t have asked for more and I have learned a whole lot of new things and will be back for more courses in due course.  I have also worked through and used the Affiliate Disclosure Template and am an Affiliate for their school which is just fantastic. I have also enrolled in the Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track FREE Course and Pinterest for New Bloggers courses and am chomping at the bit to get started and learn more from the gurus. With their help I can now grow my blog to the next level after years of struggling and not knowing what I was doing. From the first day they were very helpful and answered each and every question I asked.”

photo of peter for testimonial “If you are a US blogger, you may think that GDPR doesn’t apply to you. Wrong. You may also think that if you don’t have email subscribers, you don’t collect personal data. Wrong again. I had no idea that we collect and process personal data via Google Analytics, blog comments, contact forms, cookies, third party plugins or by displaying ads. Additionally, GDPR provisions aren’t crystal clear and there are a LOT of gray areas. You can easily get hit for non-compliance. This course gives you only the data that applies to you as a blogger and gives the exact steps and templates to implement the GDPR provisions, skipping all the confusion. If you have a blog, this course is a must.”

“Just by following Marina’s Pinterest tips through her email course, I grew my new Pinterest Profile to 100k monthly viewers in less than 3 weeks! Imagine what her full course can do!”

Photo of Kellie for testimonial for GDPR compliant blog course Kelly Marie | UniqueAndInspiring.com

Lucrezia’s course is definitely worth taking! It has step by step instructions that are super simple to follow. It literally took me about 20 minutes to get my site to be GDPR compliant.”

Photo of Yanelin for testimonial for GDPR compliant blog course

“The information on the new GDPR compliance laws have just been overwhelming to me. After about a month of research on how to become GDPR compliant, I was still struggling with fully understanding the rules. Hence investing in this course was simply a no brainer. I am so happy I took such action as the course did not disappoint. The combination between the use of templates and, the easy-to-read and easy-to-follow instructions helped me get through my blog’s policy creation process with much speed and ease. So thank you, thank you, and thank you, Lucrezia, for creating this course. The peace of mind this course has given me alone, has made purchasing your course one of the very best investments I have made for me and my blog.”

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“I took both your courses for blogging and Pinterest and I want to thank you for investing the time to make them so good. I had already given up blogging once and maybe I would have given it up again, if it hadn’t been for your courses. Had I discovered it earlier, it would have been so much better. The information is so CLEAR, WELL STRUCTURED and SIMPLE that you feel less stressed and a lot of motivation to continue. Your courses gave me the information needed without overwhelming, in a logical order and the assignments helped me keep on track. I still have a lot to learn and work, but I feel that I have a stronger foundation now. Thanks a lot!”

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“I stumbled upon Marina from Tinylovebug when I was looking to learn about Pinterest – and what a great stumble it was. I undertook Pinterest course which has been invaluable. Each lesson was informative and easy to understand. I enjoyed doing the homework because I was taken through the steps to start my own Pinterest account that now sees me pinning on Pinterest using a scheduler. I would highly recommend a similar stumble”.

Photo of Deborah for testimonial for blogging for new bloggers fast track course

“Lucrezia – I had to get back to you to let you know how good I found your course after going through several others. The course flowed and was so full of blogging information that I have since been going back to it repeatedly. (A new blogger speaking here) Thanks again – I am planning to recommend your course to two people who are thinking of blogging. I have already been through a number of courses – yours stuck out for all good reasons.”

Photo of Rebekah for testimonial for GDPR compliant blog course

“I highly recommend Lucrezia’s GDPR course. I was feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed about GDPR + my blog and when I found Lucrezia – a lawyer AND a blogger, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! In the GDPR Compliant Blog course, it has the exact steps WITH Privacy Policy template and opt-in form templates AND you can get straight to the good stuff (and implement within just a few hours!) Oh, and it is explained in a very easy to understand way. I highly (highly) recommend for any blogger!”

Photo of Jade for testimonial for GDPR compliant blog course

“Lucrezia’s GDPR Compliant Blog e-course  has been an absolute life saver. I was late to find out about the GDPR because I am a brand new blogger. I was thinking this is it, I have just started and there is no way I’m going to be able to figure this out as a new blogger. Lucrezia broke everything down and gave me a clear understanding of the exact steps I needed to take with my blog to make sure I was GDPR compliant and was able to continue with my own blogging journey. I am so happy I came across this amazing resource. It is worth every penny for the stress relief alone! You won’t regret it.”

photo of Megan and Tim for testimonial for blogging and pinterest course

“We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed taking your Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track and Pinterest for new Bloggers Courses.  The information was very detailed and the easy to follow step by step instructions gave us a road map to make sure we followed through!  the Pinterest course was very timely and was just what was needed to get our Pinterest account up and running. We have created 15 boards so far and are starting to see our presence creeping up with links to our site!”

Photo of Iris for testimonial for GDPR course “Your GDPR course was awesome! In my former life (before I became a full-time mom and blogger) I worked in publishing. I was a development editor, so it was my job to evaluate books and courses and tweak what wasn’t working. I’ve taken a lot of blogging courses and yours was one of the best! Seriously!   When it comes to the GDPR requirements it really does help to have an understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing in your Privacy Policy. You took legal information that is potentially dense and intimidating and made it easy to understand.”

Debrah McCabe | AgelessAtSixty.com

picture of Debra for testimonial for free blogging for new bloggers course

“With new, more vigorous GDPR requirements looming, I decided to go through the GDPR Course being offered by Lucrezia and I’m so glad that I did. While I had a general concept of what was being called for, this course expanded that understanding. Thanks to Lucrezia breaking down the ‘legalese’ that goes along with the actual EU documents, I have a clearer idea now, of my duties and obligations as a blogger and at least a beginning comprehension of how to accomplish those. And for those who are beginners in the world of blogging, the information regarding which plugins will accomplish the necessary processes, including how to fill out the settings was extremely useful. I would highly recommend this course, with the easily understood information and language, as a must-do part of your education.”

“I wish that I’d come across Lucrezia’s course a long time ago.  What she’s gathered into a 5-day course took me months to sort of figure out.  Having said that, there’s still lots of holes in my understanding and this course has filled in a lot of them.  She’s given me an amazing foundation of continued growth and learning.  Thanks so much, Lucrezia.”

Photo of Sadie for testimonial for legal bundle

“I just purchased the legal bundle! I’m sooo excited to get started and stop stressing about the legalities of what I’m doing. It’s seriously made me procrastinate for so long.”

Picture of Susie for testimonial

“When I started my blog, I thought pinning on Pinterest was going to be simple; after all, I had already been pinning on my personal board for a while. But, I soon found out that pinning for blogging/business is a lot different than pinning for personal. So, after completing Marina’s ‘Pinterest for new bloggers’ course, I know what I’m doing now! Marina takes you step by step through the process, by sharing everything you need to know to start pinning for business growth. This course is simple and effective. I highly recommend it!!!”

photo of henrietta for testimonial for blogging course

I am not new to blogging; however, blogging is not as easy as so many people think. It requires a tremendous amount of time, great ideas, creativity, innovation, the knowledge you wish to share, and so on. After one year of blogging, there were questions about how to take my blog for the next level. I went through all of Lucrezia’s lessons. I have to say; I haven’t come across a more genuine, excellent resource material to focus on the key points than hers. I am looking forward to take the rest of the courses with her.

Picture of Amir for Testimonial pinterest blogging courses

As a new blogger, it can get overwhelming really quickly, but thanks to the courses offered by Lucrezia and Marina for blogging and Pinterest, I now have a much better foothold into the world of blogging and handling my social media accounts. I also found a myriad of ideas on Pinterest which I can use for my blog or engage with other bloggers who share creative and valuable content. I learned how to use and create pins for my blog and share it on Pinterest for others to find. I also gained valuable insight on how to monetize my blog when the time came by being exposed to numerous choices that provide the best value for money. The information was easy to follow and gave me the motivation to keep up with it and now I’m loving it. Thank You for your hard work.”

Photo of Shirley for testimonial blogging for new bloggers course

“My name is Shirley Allen and am a new Blogger trying to learn the ropes on how to get started.  I took  Lucrezia’s course, Blogging for the New Bloggers Fast Track, and some of the posted information on her site and found the information to be quite valuable to me as I start my journey blogging.  The material is well written, clear and concise geared to my needs as a Newbie at Blogging.  If I had not known better I would have thought she wrote it for me.  Very impressive. I find her very knowledgeable, and patient.  We have shared emails and she has been able to answer any question that I have had. She is very knowledgeable regarding legal matters as they are related to blogging, copyright, and other legal matters.  I highly recommend Lucrezia to anyone looking for the “how-to” of the blogging journey. If you have questions regarding Lucrezia and her teaching style I would be glad to answer them.  She is very receptive of my needs anytime I have contacted her. Happy Blogging!

Photo of Jen for testimonial legal course for bloggers legally blogs

“When I first started blogging, I spent hours agonizing over the legal aspect of my business and trying to figure out which legal pages I needed and what on earth to write in them – it nearly made me quit blogging before I even got started. Luckily, I soldiered on and eventually got my legal pages in order, but if I could go back in time I definitely would have told myself to take Lucrezia’s “Legally Blogs” course. I recently completed this course to make sure that I was meeting the legal requirements for my blog, and I’m so glad I did. Lucrezia’s course takes a bunch of complex topics and breaks them down into simple, easy to understand, and actionable points. Additionally, you get the added peace of mind from knowing that Lucrezia is an accredited law professional and knows exactly what she’s talking about. Whether you’re just getting started on your blogging journey, or an established blogger looking to make sure you’re on the right track, I highly recommend you take this course – I’m confident that it will be one of the best things you do for your business this year.

Photo of Alison for Testimonial Gdpr Compliant Blog

“I’m a UK based blogger and although I tried to be conscientious about GDPR compliance when setting up my blog, working through the GDPR Compliant Blog course highlighted a number of areas of risk for me.  Thanks to Lucrezia’s fantastic course I was able to quickly address these points.  I found the course thorough, practical and easy to follow.  I will definitely refer back to it from time to time as my blog evolves to ensure I remain compliant. GDPR compliance is one of those essential things to do as a blogger but many are put off as it doesn’t seem as fun as some of the other elements of blogging or seems complicated.  This course helped me to sort out my compliance and get the basics right quickly, I would definitely recommend it.

Photo of Lynette for testimonial for legal bundle of legal templates for bloggers

“When I first started blogging a little over a year ago, I had taken 2 courses that were very expensive but didn’t even begin to cover the legal side of blogging.  While the courses stated I needed all the applicable pages such as GDPR, Terms of Use, etc., they didn’t offer a way to get the correct documents other than a Google search.  I had been blogging for over a year with forms that I thought were legal and would protect me.  After hearing about Lucrezia’s legal page bundle and courses, I still wasn’t 100% sold until I participated in a webinar in which a very well respected and seasoned blogger shared that they endorsed the course and documents.  It was at that point that I decided I needed to look into what I had been missing out on.  The more I listened, the more I worried that I did not have the correct disclosures on my site, and the sleepless nights began. I am what people call an over-thinker and super analyzer!  I am the person who makes the pro/con list and digests it for weeks before making a decision.  Basically, I change my mind several times before I commit to anything.  So, after a lot of thought, I  decided that I needed to invest in my blog/business and ensure that I was as legally protected as I could possible by.  Once I purchased the course bundle and started, I soon realized that I was not only non-compliant legally but I was also putting myself and my household at risk.  I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent woman but this was a huge wake up call that I was nowhere near as intelligent as I thought I was when it came to what I needed to protect my blog.  Until I took the courses, I had no idea what GDPR was really or how I could be fined for non-compliance even though I’m in the U.S.  It was all very eye opening and a bit scary. Thanks to Lucrezia’s courses, I am much more secure in the legal protections I have in place on my blog.  I have one less thing to worry about and can focus my time and energy into growing my blog into what I intended it to be, a fun, money-making, business.  Thank you Lucrezia for sharing your knowledge as an attorney and blogger with all of us to ensure we have the proper protections for our blogs.

Photos of Laurie for testimonial GDPR Compliant Blog Course Lucrezia

I am so thankful to Lucrezia and her Blogging for New Bloggers school. With her GDPR course I was able to make sure my blog was compliant and learn about the legalities I needed to know. The course was very organized and easily laid out. It was a language that you could understand without needing a law degree. I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found this course to help me understand what it all meant. If you need help with figuring things out this is the place to go.”

Photo of Amy for Testimonial for legal bundle and privacy policy template

“Hello Lucrezia, I recently came across your courses as a result of this year’s Genius Bloggers Tool Kit. I must say, I am SO glad I bought the kit, so I could become aware of your courses. I began with your Privacy Policy Workshop from the GBTK, and found it SO helpful and easy to implement and understand. So I quickly took advantage of the Legal Bundles Value Pack so I could get my site fully set up quickly and easily. I am a new mom/lifestyle blogger, and was feeling lost in all the legal technicalities. Having a site with the proper legal pages already set up, BEFORE I am even fully launched to the public is such a relief. As well as making me feel more professional. Thank you for making it so easy to do so with your easy to understand templates and courses! I was able to get ALL my legal pages set up on my site in one evening! This is huge value for a busy mom such as myself.

Photo of Catherine for testimonial for privacy policy and cookie templates

“I am so thankful to have found all of Lucrezia’s amazing business resources! She makes keeping your site legally compliant simple with her amazing Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy Templates. There is no need to figure out all of the legal jargon, with her done for you templates. Just plug in your info and you’re good to go!

Photo of Amanda for testimnonial for legal bundle of templates and GDPR course

“I absolutely love this bundle pack because it includes all of the important pages that I needed and it took all of the guesswork out of trying to do it on my own. Lucrezia explains everything you need to do and its simple to use. I enjoy taking her courses because she is too the point and you have no questions afterward. I ended up finding her different courses through the Ultimate Bloggers Bundle and I am so glad she was apart of it because this has been a lifesaver! This has saved me months upon months of researching! 

I did not know a lot about being GDPR Compliant and have learned a lot from taking this course. I am so glad that she included all of the information that she did. Make sure to set aside a few hours to go through it to make sure you fully understand everything. The best part of taking her courses is that it is not limited to just one country. Taking this course can save you hours and months worth of research and she has everything laid out for you what you need and what you don’t need based on what part of the world you live in. I highly recommend taking her courses, I have taken others and you don’t get nearly as much information included. Her templates are awesome to follow! Thank you for all of your help!

Photo of Nina for testimonial for pinterest course for new bloggers

“Marina’s Pinterest for New Bloggers course was so helpful. It was easy to follow and it’s so much easier now to work with Pinterest when you exactly know what to do. Thank you so much for offering this awesome and helpful course!”

Photo of Rigel for testimonial for legal templates for legal pages privacy policy

“I was dreading my Privacy Policy, and GDPR just made it so much worse. I just wanted to write, not stress about legalese and whether I was or wasn’t in compliance with my blog! As a result I put it off for way too long, which just caused more stress. And it was all so unnecessary! When I found Lucrezia’s templates option it instantly simplified everything — she’s a lawyer with EU expertise and using her template I had my Privacy Policy customized and posted within an hour. And with that a HUGE task, that had been dogging me for months, checked off my to-do list. If you’re considering it all just go for it! Get this done and gain the peace of mind to move on to other important tasks. You’ll be glad you did!”

Photo of Devy for testimonial for privacy policy template

“When I took Lucrezia’s course on Privacy Policy Template, I was expecting a simple ecourse which comes with a simple template. But I was wrong. It turns out not only the course includes videos that explain about Privacy Policy, it also has explanation on GDPR application, templates for Cookie Policy,  Comment System and Contact Form. Basically, it covers the essential policies that every blogger must have. As a newbie in the blogging world, I really appreciate this comprehensiveness. Thank you, Lucrezia.”

photo of Lindsey McDonald for testimonial for legal bundle

“I was so overwhelmed with figuring out the legals for my blog. I’m not a lawyer, so the law isn’t my zone of genius. My brain was literally melting at the thought of hearing the words GDPR. I was so glad I came across Lucrezia’s course. I quickly purchased the Legal Bundle and didn’t look back. It took me about 30 mins to set everything up. I was so happy, I had been trying to work through creating a privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of use, and figuring out GDPR on my own for days. It was pushing me over the edge. I’m so glad I ran into Lucrezia’s Legal Bundle. Her course was straightforward and to the point. The templates were easy to use. I highly recommend it. Especially, for those busy moms, who don’t have much time to work on their blogs throughout the day. You don’t want to spend countless hours doing something that isn’t your expertise. Lucrezia’s templates are great! Plugin and go”

photo of Jenn Summers for testimonial for Privacy Policy template

“Before taking this course I believed I was GDPR compliant and my privacy policy was adequate. I have learnt so much from taking this easy to follow course and the templates are incredibly user friendly. I feel like I am now able to provide my readers with the most adequate and appropriate information while utilizing my site. I’m incredibly grateful that such a course exists and was so easy to use! Thank you so much, Lucrezia!”

photo of Ashley Havecker for testimonial for CCPA masterclass and Privacy policy template

“I have been seeing in so many groups all the changes that are taking place in 2020 and it was time to make my website compliant. I definitely don’t want to be sued for pursuing my passion by writing and helping others so I decided to look into some classes. When I came across Lucrezia’s Facebook group Blogging for New Bloggers I was completely at ease and felt supported in trying to make my blog legally protected. Her privacy policy course and CCPA have been absolutely excellent and I feel walking into 2020 I have set myself up for success.I owe my peace of mind to you Lucrezia!”

Photo of Autumn Fiordland for testimonial for CCPA for Bloggers Masterclass

“When I first learned about the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) I began to panic.  I couldn’t find ANY information that I could easily understand to help my website become compliant.  I was so confused!  Luckily I can across Blogging for New Bloggers course CCPA for Bloggers Masterclass and I learned so much!  Lucrezia breaks the compliance notes down into 5 easy to follow steps and recommended the perfect plugin for my WordPress blog.  Thank you for providing easy to understand information and helping me feel confident with knowing everything I need for the CCPA!”

Photo of Brandi-Leigh Grant for testimonial for Legal Bundle

“These programs/courses are extremely helpful. I was so overwhelmed as a new blogger. There is so much going on, to learn in general, I never even thought about the legal ramifications. After I did some digging, I realized how important it was that I figured out how to protect myself and my blog. That’s when I found Lucrezia’s Legal Bundle Value Pack. I was able to properly protect my blog, and it was super affordable and easy to follow!  Without the help from Blogging for New Bloggers, I don’t think I would have been able to follow through with creating my dream, they finally gave me a sense of direction.”

Photo of Klara for testimonial for GDPR Course

“I just completed the GDPR course today, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be able to finally say that my blog is compliant! When the regulations became law, I buried my head in the sand, overwhelmed with not knowing where to begin. Stumbling on Lucrezia’s course was an extremely fortunate moment for me! I now have an excellent understanding of the GDPR and why it is in place. And the lessons in applying the regulations to my blog were simple and straightforward, leaving absolutely no room for guesswork. I truly feel that a huge weight has been lifted now that my blog is compliant!”

Photo of Jacqueline for testimonial for GDPR Course

“As a newbie blogger, I was so nervous and lost over all the legal aspects of creating and maintaining a website.  I had no idea why I needed legal pages let alone what I should include in them!  I spent some time trying to figure out the GDPR requirements myself and how that may apply to my situation here in Canada. But it was too complicated, and I quickly became overwhelmed trying to sort through all the jargon. I was thankful to meet Lucrezia in her Blogging for New Bloggers Facebook group.  She took the time to answer my questions and ease my concerns.  I didn’t realize all the subtle ways my blog was collecting personal data from its visitors! Taking Lucrezia’s GDPR Course was the perfect step by step guide to becoming GDPR compliant. Thank you for putting my mind at ease! I highly recommend both this course and all the other resources found on this site.

I want to thank you for your Pinterest for New Bloggers email course. It was exactly what I needed to launch my new blog and boost my traffic from Pinterest. I had heard all the generic advice about scheduling and branding before, but your emails provided me with new tips and tricks for establishing strategy that actually gets results from day 1. Amazing! It has completely changed the way I use this platform. Every day I get more blog views and Pinterest followers. I’m so excited to see what happens next! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to establish a strong Pinterest foundation for their website and see their traffic grow quickly!”

Photo of April Haynesworth for testimonial for GDPR Course

“When I first started blogging  I researched different websites on how to start a  blog and what it entails. I was fortunate to run across Blogging for New Bloggers. The content of this website was helpful in me knowing how to protect my content and the importance of having a privacy policy. Lucrezia did an awesome job at simplifying the information especially for me as a first time blogger and  inspired business owner. I became more familiar with the GDPR, cookies, and disclaimers. She broke down the components of each privacy page  which was helpful. What’s really cool is she offers policy protection templates and a class explaining how to implement your policies on your website that are reasonable and I do not have to worry about the hassle of writing them on my own. Another good thing is that once I take the class  I will have lifetime access to the class and future updates of the future legislative development.”

Photo of Lisa van der Velde for testimonial for Legal Bundle Course

“Sorting out the legal side of my blog was not something I was looking forward to. But then I found Lucrezia’s Legal Bundle Value Pack and it had everything I needed in one affordable bundle. This course is very thorough and easy to follow and it helped me understand the whole legal side of blogging. The legal pages were easy to add to my blog, you simply copy, paste and edit the areas that are highlighted. I highly recommend investing in The Legal Bundle Value Pack, (I shopped around and it was the most affordable package I could find!) I’ll be looking into the CCPA and GDPR courses next. Thanks Lucrezia!”

Photo of Karen for testimonial for Legal Bundle and CCPA Course

“I originally found Lucrezia and Marina’s courses while researching how to make my blog CCPA Compliant. The CCPA Masterclass definitely addresses a need/struggle for bloggers and provides actionable tips to make your blog CCPA compliant in 5 easy steps. I finished the class with a much better understanding of this law and how to make the needed adjustments to my blog. The Masterclass opened my eyes to the importance of having all aspects of my blog set up legally. Ultimately, I purchased Lucrezia’s Legal Bundle Value Pack to ensure ALL my legal pages were set up properly. Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how easy that that bundle made things! The course broke things down so simply and the templates made making the necessary changes amazingly easy! I’m confident my blog is now 100% legal and I owe my peace of mind to these courses.”

Photo of Carmen Carrera for CCPA Course

“When the new CCPA was about to take effect I was extremely overwhelmed because I didn’t understand the new rules. My inbox was bombarded with emails in regards to the new CCPA but none could fully be explained unless you invested in their high price course.  As a member of her Facebook Group Lucrezia offered a course for the CCPA for Bloggers Masterclass. WOW! I’m so glad I invested in this course because is definitely worth taking. I love how she explains it all and her step by step was very simple to follow and I had my site CCPA compliant in less than 48hrs. I like facts that I had a few questions, I emailed her she replied and helped me and that’s a plus.  Her course also includes a bonus, cookie form templates, to set up on your site. Thank you, Lucrezia for creating this course you definitively made me understand how important it is to have the proper legal form on your site.”

Photo of Amy Gatto for Pinterest for new bloggers Course

“I didn’t realize that there was so much to consider when setting up a blog.  Marina and Lucrezia opened my eyes and provided direction with regards to privacy compliance and GDPR.  Their advice and course was relevant even for a blogger in Canada. I’ve also taken their Pinterest course and have learned so much about Pinterest that I didn’t know before.  I am very hopeful that I will grow followers very quickly.  Their Facebook group Blogging for New Bloggers has been a blessing.  The group members are so helpful and come to the rescue when another member is in need of help or advice. Thank you Marina and Lucrezia for sharing your knowledge and helping out.”

Photo of Monica Rezende for testimonial for Legal Bundle Course

“I bought the Legal Bundle Value Pack, and that has been a lifesaver. I was overwhelmed with all the legal requirements and the little knowledge I have. The course is pretty straightforward, and the templates super easy to customize. In no time, I got all the legal pages done for my blog, and now I have peace of mind that I am compliant. This package is “legal stuff for dummies”! You don’t need to know anything as Lucrezia spells it out all for you.”

Photo of Rohmah Azim for testimonial for GDPR Course

“As a new blogger, I had so much to learn about blogging and I didn’t even consider the legal aspects of my blog. Most sites offered legal pages at a huge expense and I could not afford them being a newbie blogger. I was really happy when I found Lucrezia’s courses. She explains the legal jargon in a simple way. I highly recommend her courses to everyone”

Photo of Mama Bear Finance for testimonial for Legal Bundle Course

“When I started my blog, I had the intention of starting a side business with it. I thought the only up-front cost of creating a blog was self-hosting and a domain name, but there’s another important one. Within just a few months as a blogger, I quickly learned about the legal side of running a blog. Because a blog is essentially a website, it’s important that we protect ourselves as site owners and that includes paying attention to the privacy of our visitors. I also learned that I’d need to have a privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms of use to effectively run a blog. Not to mention the importance of an affiliate disclosure since I planned to participate in affiliate marketing. And that’s when Lucrezia’s Legal Bundle came into play. Not only does this Legal Bundle offer all of the legal templates needed to protect a blog, Lucrezia also teaches legal courses to help us understand the “why” behind these templates and the “how” to implement them. Needless to say, I’m very happy to have purchased this Legal Bundle as I’m now fully confident of my responsibility as a site owner and I feel secured that my blog is protected.I would recommend this Legal Bundle to any blogger!”

Photo of Monica for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“The Pinterest For New Bloggers free email course was great! Easy to follow, understand and decipher as we know everything related to blogging can seem daunting and hard. Marina makes this process enjoyable and simple. I’ve taken a couple of their free courses and waiting on more great things to come!”

Photo of Erin for testimonial for Legal Bundle course

“I am so happy that I finally decided to purchase Lucrezia’s Legal Bundle. Since starting my blog, I have been worried about making sure everything was legally done. While I had some of the legal pages in place, these templates were so easy to use that I was able to fully and LEGALLY update my site. Lucrezia was also very attentive and answered my questions in her Facebook group! Fabulous product and customer service!”

Photo of Desiree for testimonial for Legal Bundle and CCPA course

“Being a new blogger there are so many different things that you need to learn and there is a digital mountain of information out there to learn. I have worked through the Legal Bundle Value Pack and the CCPA for Bloggers Masterclass and I am so relieved that my blog is now protected. The templates were super easy to use, and it made the whole process simple. Before I only had a privacy policy and a disclosure. Now ALL my legal pages are up to date and I will update them as needed. It didn’t take long at all to edit the templates and get the information up on my website! I am glad that my blog is now protected for both GDPR and CCPA even though I’m a US blogger and reside outside of California. There are so many gray areas I’m glad that I had this guidance! I have also taken the FREE Pinterest, Blogging and Legal courses. There is tremendous value in ALL the courses that I’ve taken!”

Photo of Lee for testimonial for Privacy Policy course

“Hi, Lucrezia, I just wanted to thank you on such a well thought out course. I have absolutely no idea when it came to GDPR regulations, But your course literally spelled it all out for me. To be honest I haven’t even started to use your main template yet but felt compelled to send you this message. I have so far updated my cookie policy which took me all of about 5 minutes thanks to your step by step guide and it now looks more professional then ever and more importantly has a link to my privacy policy. Next up is to use your main GDPR template and change my basic privacy policy. Great course and cannot recommend it highly enough. Many thanks, Lee.”

Photo of Zayyed Hassan for testimonial for GDPR course

“Hi, Let me first thank you for the opportunity, you people are doing excellent work. Helping millions people like me. As I am also new to blogging spend lots of time surfing more information regarding blogging. But hardly get any satisfying answer. By doing the same once I came in touch with your connection. I have made lots of changes the way I blogged previously after reading few of the courses offered by you people. Last year whenever I opened my AdSense account I got a notification about California law for privacy policy. And you know there is no advice or suggestions on net what to do. But with CCPA and GDPR, you made things lot easier to understand. I highly recommend to choose these courses to avoid any unnecessary legal infringement. If you want to continue blogging then you must obey with the law. And for like GDPR, one should go with Lucrezia’s GDPR course to make things lot easier. Thanks again.”

Photo of Desiree for testimonial for Pinterest from P to T course

“Hi! I’m a new blogger, and probably as all newbies, overwhelmed by all the tasks needed to make the blog successful. If you think you can just write your heart out and wait to be discovered by Google, you’re dead wrong. You need to work social media, you have to pin to Pinterest, you have to keep up with SEO. All of this seems very daunting until you find a mentor such as Marina and Lucrezia from Blogging for New Bloggers. I just finished Marina’s course Pinterest from P to T and wow! I have learned so much about how to properly tackle the beast of Pinterest. Marina goes through everything from starting the account, learning a correct way to design your pins, figuring out when and how to schedule pins and re-pins, how to find and join groups and so much more. I couldn’t be more thankful! I’ve implemented the suggested changes only for the past few days so far and I’m already seeing my reach and the rate of re-pins and clicks increase. Thank you Marina!”

Photo of Lindsey for testimonial for Privacy Policy course

“I loved your course so much! Thank you for the opportunity to take it! As a new blogger, I think the scariest part about the whole thing is all the legal stuff. I have put off my privacy policy for the past year (I had some random stuff in there but it was definitely not up to par by any means). How to be GDPR COMPLAINT or CCPA complaint or even COOKIES is a scary thought just seeing how formal and business-like it all sounds. Lucrezia’s course Privacy Policy Template + Workshop made the whole process simple and straight forward. My only wish is that I found this course a year ago when I first began. You are definitely missing out on a great and easy to follow privacy policy template if you do not take this course!”

Photo of Nikki & Eugenie for testimonial for Fast Track course

“Thanks to Lucrezia, my sister and I had the confidence to launch our first EVER blog. We did the course Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track and we have learned so much! When we started researching ‘How to start a blog’, we felt extremely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. This course was so well structured, extremely informativewith lots of detail and took us through the entire process step-by-step. There were so many things we never even thought of! We obviously still have a lot of growing to do but this course definitely gave us the confidence to go for it and have an overview of what the blogging-world entails.”

Photo of Tahryn for testimonial for Pinterest for new Bloggers course

“The Pinterest course is an email series with a different lesson topic every day, and honestly I was surprised with how comprehensive it is! So much is included in the course, even compared to some paid courses. This is the most in depth free course that i’ve seen, it’s full of content that takes you from the very first set up of your profile to building yourself an ongoing strategy. If you’re looking for a complete step by step course for Pinterest then definitely start with this one. I loved it so much i’m planning to take the legal courses too!”

Photo of Karin for testimonial for Pinterest for new bloggers and fast track course

“I learned so much from Pinterest for New Bloggers and Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track free courses.  They really packed a lot in these lessons!  I started my blog about a month ago, but still learned a lot from Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track.  I already had a business Pinterest account, but no idea how to use it.  I think I learned something new to add, change or update on my Pinterest account from each lesson in Pinterest for New Bloggers.  I especially appreciate the SEO help.  Thanks for sharing this wealth of information!”

Photo of Loise for testimonial for fast track and pinterest course

“I have been exposed to blogging world since 2010 and I have made multiple blog but always ended up being expired or not being maintained but now I took the courage to be consistent and luckily I found your COURSES. The moment I signed up I know I’m hooked up and read every words even if  I have already started my blog, but hey I realizes that I’m doing a lot of mistakes. I am so glad I signed up on your blogging course and it made me realize how important SEO is. Also on Marina’s course on Pinterest. Your courses are definitely informative in every ways and I’ve learned a lot! Really thankful that you made this courses as it really helps a lot of lost bloggers out there!”

Photo of Jadyn for testimonial for Legal Bundle Course

“I am so relieved because after WEEKS of research and stressing over what to do about legal pages for my blog…I found the solution. A fellow blogger suggested to me the Legal Bundle from Lucrezia from Blogging for New Bloggers. Being new to all this, I was hesitant to spend any money on getting help with my legal pages , but I have to say I am so glad I did. The peace-of-mind I now have knowing that my site has all the correct privacy policies, disclosure, disclaimers, terms & conditions, etc., that it needs is inexplicable. I fretted over this for SO LONG thinking that it would be either a. super complicated or b. super expensive to get my legal pages done. Every time I would start to research or work on it I would get overwhelmed and stopped. I got to the point where I just thought, oh well, it doesn’t matter now; my blog is new and no one will notice…I’ll get it done later on when my blog is bigger. However, the more I read and researched I began to realize that was NOT going to be an acceptable approach. So, at the advice of a fellow blogger, I bought the Legal Bundles course (4 course bundle) and told myself I would just give myself a whole week to work through it and get everything done. Much to my delight, however, Lucrezia is such an amazing instructor and had everything prepared so well that it only took me a few hours over one weekend to get it all completed! (I have to rambunctious children, otherwise I would have been finished even sooner. 😆) Don’t let that make you think that the course(s) aren’t thorough…trust me they are VERY thorough. This woman KNOWS what she is talking about. I simply cannot say enough great things about the knowledge and peace-of-mind I have gained through completing the Legal Bundle course(s). Thank you Lurezia and Marina!”

Photo of Christina for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers course

“When my husband and I first started our travel blog, I read over and over that Pinterest was a necessary tool for driving traffic to our blog. I had dabbled in Pinterest a couple years ago for personal use but otherwise had little clue as to how Pinterest works. If you’d asked me to create my own pin, you would have received a blank stare. Thankfully, I stumbled onto Marina’s Pinterest for New Bloggers course, and WOW was it helpful for getting started with Pinterest. I learned how to create a pin (not as intimidating as it once seemed!), use boards to share my pins, collaborate on group boards (which has helped immensely so far), and so much more. Pinterest for New Bloggers gave me a great head start to grow my blog with Pinterest.”

Photo of Christa for testimonial for Privacy Policy course

“Hi Lucrezia, I am so thrilled to apply all my learnings from your Privacy Policy Workshop! I recently bought the Genius Bloggers Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles and this is the first course I took. To be honest, I was only expecting a Privacy Policy template and some instructions on how to edit it but I was surprised that there was so much more! Before taking this course, I had a privacy policy which was taken from a free online source and I never really felt confident about it. I did not know what GDPR or CCPA means nor the importance of being compliant to both. Now I can finally say that I am on the right track in terms of blogging legally! Thank you so much!”

Photo of Anya for pinterest course

“The course was very informative and easy to follow. I used Pinterest for years on my personal account and I had no idea about the business account option. After taking your course I started my business page for my website and now it’s up and running: https://www.pinterest.de/annalogicart/boards/. Your course taught me how to use all the options Pinterest has to offer in the best way. Thank you so much once again!”

Photo of Maly for Testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers course

“I have never used Pinterest before and was completely overwhelmed at the prospect of having to learn not just how to use Pinterest but how to use it to optimise my blog. Having done Lucrezia’s course on Blogging for New Bloggers and her Legal course, I felt complete confidence that with Marina I was not only going to be able to learn how to utilise Pinterest but to master it! After just a week of completing the course, I navigate it like a pro. But most importantly, I have created amazing Pins that are not only being repinned by other Pinterest users but has led them onto my blog which is the intended purpose. Thank you Marina for making easy for me.”

Photo of Ashley for Testimonial for Pinterest from P to T course

“I’m so happy I decided to invest in Marina’s Pinterest from P to T course.  I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and the course provided me with a wealth of information I did not know about Pinterest. I’ve purchased other Pinterest courses in the past, but Marina’s course was the Best! I’m so much more confident when creating pins, and forming pin descriptions. Since I’ve been implementing the changes I learned from Pinterest P to T, I am confident I will see a huge increase in my Pinterest traffic.”

Photo of Sara for Testimonial for Legally Blogs and Privacy Policy course

“As a new blogger, I had absolutely no idea what the legal aspect of blogging entailed. I knew it was important, but I felt like no one really talked or taught about it. Thankfully, I found Lucrezia’s Legally Blogs course and it went over EVERYTHING I needed to know for my blog! She broke things down in an easy to understand manner and I could not be happier with my purchase in this course. She talks about important legalities from the pages you need on your blog to how to file blog taxes. If you’re even thinking about getting this course, do it. It is 100% worth it, especially for new bloggers feeling overwhelmed!”

Photo of Natalie for Testimonial for Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track and Pinterest for New Bloggers courses

“After taking both the Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track and Pinterest for New Bloggers courses, I can honestly say that it was time well spent. The courses have been put together really well and explain everything step by step. I find that many courses promise a lot, but fall short in actually taking you through the stages in a manner than can be easily understood. Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track and Pinterest for New Bloggers are not like that. I found that having the actionable steps at the end of each lesson really helps to keep the focus, allowing you to build on the stages properly. Thank you so much Marina and Lucrezia. “

Photo of Raquel for Testimonial legal templates course

“I’ve delayed launching my blog for over a month just because I am looking for free Legal Pages. I was hesitant in investing to any of it and I was told by other bloggers that I should get a free template since I’m not earning yet. But it was all wrong! I finally was at ease that my blog is now legally protected when I purchased Lucrezia’s Privacy Policy Template and the Terms and Conditions. It was a great relief! And most important of all, Lucrezia’s Legal Pages are so affordable even a new blogger can afford it! can finally launch my blog. I finally know the importance of legal pages. Lucrezia’s Legal templates helped me create my legal pages in less than an hour. I highly recommend her and her Legal Templates!”

Photo of Barshan for Testimonial for GDPR course

“I must say something about Lucrezia’s GDPR course. I didn’t know that GDPR is a thing we must need to follow and I didn’t have any idea of how important this is and when I found Lucrezia, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! In the GDPR Compliant Blog course, you can learn the exact steps WITH Privacy Policy template and opt-in form templates AND you will have a lot of good stuff. Oh, and it is explained in a very easy to understand way. I (highly) recommend for any blogger!”

Photo of Nora for Testimonial for Legal Bundle Value Pack course

“I recently bought the “Legal Bundle Value Pack” for my new created website to-be.mom.com and I am just thrilled! It’s unbelievable, if not shocking, to see how little I actually knew about the legal backgrounds that I needed for my blog, until I purchased this amazing bundle! What a stroke of luck, that I came across Lucrezia’s “Blogging for New Bloggers®” blog by chance! After this course and the integration of its wonderful templates, I can finally sleep peacefully! Without worrying anymore, that I haven’t legally secured my blog well enough! Thanks a lot Lucrezia! Please keep up the good work! I highly recommend the “Legal Bundle Value Pack” to anyone who has a blog or website!”

Photo of Maeva for Testimonial for Fast Track course

“I have had the pleasure of stumbling across Lucrezia’s Facebook page when trying to find a community for new bloggers. I have to say that her Blogging for New Bloggers course has been one of the most beneficial and helpful insights on blogging that I have received. There is an overwhelming number of information out there about blogging however nothing compares to the clarity and ease of use of this course. I would highly recommend it to all new and old bloggers alike. “

“Very informative, nice and easy to read and understand. Great links too.”

Photo of Felicity for testimonial for Legal Bundle

“I was so excited to see a realistic payment plan on your Legal Bundle because my blogging Business needed to be legalised. Now I feel a huge relief has been lifted from my shoulders, and am so grateful. Thank you x”

Photo of Renee for testimonial for Legally Blogs

“Lucrezia has managed to develop a course that explains in laymans terms what you have to do to be legally compliant with your blog AND the steps to take to get you there. I was so worried about what to do before I took the Legally Blogs Course, now I know what legal pages my blog HAS to have and how to get myself covered. Plus it was super simple and not scary at all.”

Photo of Taylor for testimonial for Legal Bundle Value Pack

“Like many new bloggers, I neglected putting the proper legal pages on my site because it sounded difficult and confusing. It was scary to think that you could get in serious trouble for not having legitimate legal pages but at the same time I had no clue where to start. I finally came across this Legal Bundle Value Pack and now have peace of mind! I was amazed at how crazy simple it was to fill out these templates. I also love the fact that you aren’t just given the templates, but you are given detail as to what each page is for and why they are important. I am so grateful that I found this legal bundle and would highly recommend it to anyone, it was worth every penny!”

Photo of Stacy for testimonial for Legal Bundle Value Pack

“The courses were really easy to follow, allowed me to go at my own pace and explained difficult concepts that enabled an easy understanding! Enrolling in your courses helped me have better knowledge of the legal side to blogging and saved me from making huge mistakes.”

Photo of Erin for testimonial for Privacy Policy Template + Workshop

“Lucrezia’s CCPA+GDPR templates are perfect for website owners with little experience with all of these confusing data protection laws. Before buying the templates, I relied on free forms that may or may not have protected my business. Knowing what I know now about CCPA and GDPR policies, I am SO GLAD that I invested in her templates. The workshop was absolutely essential for me. Not only were the forms easy to tailor to my website’s needs, but I understand the “why” behind them and feel confident that I’m protected. Lucrezia did an amazing job of giving clear instructions on how to implement these forms and even tells you what other areas of your website need to be looked at to be compliant. Will definitely recommend to other bloggers!”

Photo of Tim Skells for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers

Pinterest for New Bloggers was exactly what I needed after months of not seeing the results everyone else was talking about from Pinterest. I knew I had to be doing something wrong but couldn’t figure out what! This Pinterest Course was the easy fix I needed to get back on track! Sometimes the answers are right under out nose, and in this case thats right inside this Course!!”

Photo of Jeannie for testimonial for Legally Blogs

“This is very informative for a new blogger to learn about the basics and understand what I needed to put in my blog.”

Photo of Emily for testimonial for Privacy Policy, Legally Blogs and Terms & Conditions

“These courses all helped to make the legal side of blogging much more clear to me. I was initially intimidated by acronyms like “GDPR” and “CCPA,” but the lessons helped to clarify everything perfectly. If I was still confused about a concept, there were links in the lessons to additional articles so that I could pause and learn more about a specific topic. I recommend these to any new blogger – they are so worth the investment!”

Photo of Karan for testimonial for Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track Free Course and Pinterest for New Bloggers Courses

“Have learnt so much from the two courses on Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track Free Course and Pinterest for New Bloggers Courses. In fact I will say my basics of understanding blogging were built on these fantastic courses. I feel so much more confident now to embark on my blogging journey. I am really thankful to you for your constant help and look forward to more of your courses in the future.”

Photo of Bee for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“I found Pinterest for New Bloggers very helpful. I have learnt how to set up my Pinterest profile, boards and pins by learning from various blog and resources, but Marina’s course go into more details like pinning a lot of pins from 1 person such that I get noticed. This is something new that I have learnt. Since starting my Pinterest account on 1 May 2020, I now have 267 followers and some of my pins have started to appear on Pinterest feed. I am sure that the tips I have learnt from her course will help increase page views in my blog. Thank you Marina!”

Photo of Divya for testimonial for Legally Blogs and Blogging For New Bloggers Fast Track Courses

“As a new blogger I was amazed as well as frightened by the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make a blog a business. With Lucrezia’s Blogging For New Bloggers Fast Track, she gives actionable steps to kick start your blog smoothly! As far as the legal part of blogging goes, I had no clue about GDPR and CCPA. But with Lucrezia’s Legally Blogs course, all the steps you need to take to be GDPR and CCPA compliant are explained very well. She goes to the extent of giving out templates for Copyright and Email Confidentiality which is very helpful!”

Photo of Hrh D'duchness Onyx for testimonial for Blogging for New bloggers and Pintertest for New Bloggers Courses

“The tone of voice used in the training, very friendly. The consistency of the message, the conciseness of the message, the freebies attached, the hands-on samples and more made this course very worthwhile.”

Photo of Maria for testimonial for Privacy Policy Template + Workshop Course

“The legal and disclosure pages is something so many of us bloggers ignore, simply because we don’t understand it. And we also think that unless we have huge traffic and making tons of money, we don’t need to legally comply with anything. We’re just small fish, right? So wrong. I loved that Lucrezia’s course was so to the point and easy to understand for someone without a legal background. The privacy policy templates are incredibly easy to use and make it simple to make your blog GDPR and CCPA compliant. So if you’re still using some random paragraphs for your privacy policy – STOP! Purchase Lucrezia’s Privacy Policy Template + Workshop course and be on your way to blogging legally.”

Photo of Stacy for testimonial for Privacy Policy Template + Workshop Course

“This course really lays out starting a blog start to finish. Even as an experienced digital marketer I found the tips useful and clear. I learned a lot and plan to take others!!”

Photo of Anu Rao for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“What an excellent course!! I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn the skills you need to start a blog. she explains concepts very clearly, giving detailed examples so it’s easy to learn and remember, and provides step by step instructions about creating a pinterest business profile.”

Photo of Nicci for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers and Pinterest for new bloggers Courses

“The course was sent directly to my inbox over a few days which I thought was brilliant as it meant that I wasn’t just bombarded with lots of information at once and could take it all in at a reasonable pace. The layout of the course is very user friendly and links to different aspects and affiliates are really useful. The course feels very personable and makes you feel at ease as you progress through the stages and you feel like you get to understand the personality of everyone helping you. The information is very valuable and helped me so much set up my blog! Thank you so much, highly recommended!”

Photo of Tegan & Alex for testimonial for Legally Blogs Course

“Recently after launching our blog, we were asked by a potential follower where our privacy policy and T&C’s were. We had no idea what to do! Thank goodness for this course— it was a lifesaver! We were able to read through and really understand what we were going to need to make sure our site was in good legal shape. Thank you so much Lucrezia for sharing your expertise with us!”

Photo of Grislean for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“As a new blogger, I have taken a ton of courses. This one by far was one of the most helpful! A lot of free Pinterest courses just brush on the details of what to do to help you in Pinterest, but this course had so much information. It was all incredibly helpful! I especially loved Lesson 7: Pinterest Group Boards. I have figured out Pinterest and how it works, but I am a lost puppy when it comes to Group Boards. Marina walks you through how to find them, how to understand if they are a good fit for you, and how to join them. She even provides a template for what to email the Group Board owner! If you are new to Pinterest or even if you just want to learn how to utilize it better for more engagement and reaching a larger audience, this course is amazing and a must!”

Photo of Georgianna for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers course

“What i loved about this course is that information came in every day for the period of 9 days. It was not overwhelmed about the amount of information and it gave me a goal to achieve everyday. My Pinterest profile now looks much more put together and professional.”

Photo of Hannah for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers course

“I took Marina’s Pinterest for New Bloggers email course. One thing I loved was how she broke down everything a beginner needed to know about Pinterest bits by bits, starting from the basics and gradually advancing in her lecture. The course was detailed, in depth and explanatory. She also introduced some resources and tools which was extremely helpful. I have been implementing the things I learnt from the course and I’m happy to say that I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my Pinterest. I can boldly say that her premium courses will be a worthy investment for anyone. “

Photo of Rachel for testimonial for Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track, Pinterest for New Bloggers, Legally Blogs and Legal Bundle including GDPR and templates Courses

“I had a great idea to start a blog; I knew my niche and in my head knew what I wanted to do. However, I had no idea how to make that happen. Nor did I know anything about the behind the scenes frameworks needed in order for a blog to succeed. The courses I took part in broke the whole process down and allowed me to work at my own pace to gain a fuller and in depth understanding of the blogging universe and gave me all the tools I needed to make my blog succeed. Each course was well structured and had check in points to make sure I knew what I had covered, and how each topic linked together. The use of both video and text in the courses made them accessible and the completion bars on my homepage made it easy to keep track of my progress. I would absolutely recommend these courses to anyone starting out in the blog world, the level of detail in the courses surpasses anything you can find out for yourself. Not to mention it’s all in one place which saves time too!”

Photo of Larissa for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“I loved the easy breakdown of the lesson each day with its own assignments. I have hugely benefited from this course because I had no idea how to use Pinterest but I have gained so much knowledge that I am confident I will be able to drive more traffic to my site using this powerful social media platform “

Photo of Tara for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“I can’t believe that Pinterest for New Bloggers was FREE! I loved the course because it provided in depth, step by step instructions on ways to uplevel your Pinterest account for blogging. I’ve always had a Pinterest account but had no idea how to use it personally let alone for marketing my blog. Sometimes Google is hard to navigate – especially when so many people have so many different views – but this course was a great beginners guide that brought what you needed to know together in manageable emails each day. I had no idea how to claim my website on Pinterest and left that task for another day, but the moment I got to that part of the course I was pleasantly surprised to find instructions in the emails and astounded at how easy it was. A highly valuable course!”

Photo of Nadine for testimonial for Privacy Policy Template + Workshop Course

“I knew that legal pages on your blog are super important, but I didn’t know where to start to write a professional private policy and all the legal pages that a blog needs. When I found Lucrezia’s templates I was so relieved! I am also busy with the GDPR compliant course. Lucrezia breaks everything down in easy to understand English, which is fantastic for someone like me whose first language isn’t English.”

Photo of Melia for testimonial for Legally Blogs Course

“In general, I’ve signed up for the newsletters (containing daily lessons for Pinterest and blogs) and they have been helpful. Top it off with this lesson, I feel more prepared to grow my blog now! I think this is a good lesson for new bloggers like me to take.”

Photo of Monica for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“I don’t usually expect much from free courses but, wow, the Pinterest for New Bloggers course blew my mind. I was doing it all wrong before! The course comes in super easy to follow emails, with clear instructions and invaluable information to get your Pinterest account started, create your pins and boards, and grow your followers. I particularly liked the tips on how to get accepted by pinterest group boards, as I was really struggling to get accepted by any board before. Now I am already part of multiple boards! Thank you!”

Photo of Melody for testimonial for Legally Blogs Course

“Before learning about this course through the Blogging for New Bloggers Facebook group, I was at a complete loss on how to construct legal pages, what I even needed them for, and all the ways I should be protecting myself from being sued. This course used laymen’s terms that were easy for me to wrap my head around and took away all the fear and overwhelm I had built up prior to taking the course. I now feel confident and building legal pages for my website and if anyone out there is unsure of taking the course, just do it! You won’t regret it! Plus it was FREE! Thank you!!!”

Photo of Whitney for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers and Pinterest for new bloggers Courses

“When I started out, I knew NOTHING about setting up a blog. All I knew was that I wanted to create content that would make me proud, and that monetization was an important goal for me. One thing I gained from both the blogging and Pinterest courses was time. Every time I tackled the next step of setting up my blog or Pinterest account, I was able to do it the RIGHT way. I hate having to go back and redo my work, because who has time for that? This was slow, steady, and meaningful progress attained over time. I tried hard to not fast-forward my way through the email courses and made sure to tackle each step methodically and in the way Lucrezia and Marina taught me. The steps were orderly and easy to understand, and on the rare occasion that I felt stuck, the Facebook group Blogging for New Bloggers was tremendously helpful. I’m only two months in and still have so much to learn, but because of these courses, I feel confident that the right information is out there for me to continue learning at my own pace.”

Photo of Nandita for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers and Pinterest for new bloggers Courses

“Scouring through endless bits of information especially when venturing into a field not similar to my profession, I thought blogging was easy! Just make a profile, think of an idea that pops into your mind and let it flow. How wrong I was! Stumbled upon Lucrezia’s excellent interactive group on Facebook Blogging for New Bloggers. It was just pure luck! It has all the nuances of blogging, right from How to start a blog, How to find ideas to the often neglected legal aspects that we need to know while running a blog, it’s there! Not to forget the FREE courses and free legal templates provided by Lucrezia, which are absolutely necessary for a blog! Well formatted, structured in a lucid and easily understandable manner, the courses offered will definitely gives me more knowledge and has helped improve my blog. So glad to be learning something new everyday from her and from the Blogging for New Bloggers community!”

Photo of Verity for testimonial for Copyright Notice Template course

“Really useful information which I have used and integrated on my blog. The Copyright template was specific and to the point, and very easy to amend for my blog. Would recommend to anyone new to blogging and needs information on Copyright; or indeed anyone with a blog without proper Copyright notices in place.”

Photo of Kathleen for testimonial for Copyright Notice Template course

“I liked that the course didn’t just give us the template but explained in very simple terms what a copyright is, how important it is, and giving us examples that make them even more easy to understand. Aside from that, the course also gave tips and links to helpful content to assist us even further. It goes to show that Lucrezia is genuine in her sincerity to help all bloggers, especially the new ones who are probably overwhelmed with all there is to learn and do in blogging! I would definitely recommend this to all bloggers—new or old—because it allows you to brush up on your copyright knowledge, comes with a template and great bonuses that come in handy, and even gives you a few resources to make your blog more professional and safe, legally! A huge thank you to Lucrezia and Marina for creating and sharing this short yet knowledge-packed course!”

Photo of Pat for testimonial for Legal Bundle Value Pack, GDPR, Copyright Notice, and the Testimonials courses

“I love that the templates are easy to install. I love that the courses explain how to use the templates, how to install them, what they mean, and why you need them. I have no legal background at all. Thanks to the courses I understand how to protect my blog legally. Thanks to the templates I don’t have to worry about any legal troubles.”

Photo of Melissa for testimonial for Copyright Notice Template course

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to legally protect myself in general. One big question is how to protect my content so this course came at the perfect time for me. I like how everything was explained for me in an easy to understand manner. The pages are also valuable resources for me to have in my blog kit resources I’m collecting for myself. Another big question I had was about images. Now I have better sources to pull photos from until I can invest in a good camera kit to start doing my own. I will recommend this course to others looking to get their legal stuff in order.”

Photo of Stacy for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers and Pinterest for new bloggers Courses

“This course was great! I really like how it walked you through everything from start to finish. I found it super valuable despite being a tech-savvy marketer. It’s great to have someone walk you through setup start to finish. “

Photo of Deborah for testimonial for Copyright Notice Template course

“The course was so helpful in explaining about copyright rules to protect your work. As well, templates for copyright notices and cease and desist letters are included. I know nothing about the legal side of blogging so this course was very useful to help me protect my work. “

Photo of Stephanie for testimonial for Legal Bundle course

“Being new to the blogging world I didn’t know where to start in regards to ensuring by blog was legally compliant. It was a really daunting matter, which nearly put me off starting a blog to begin with. I am so happy I found Lucrezia and Blogging For New Bloggers on Facebook. After purchasing the Legal Bundle, I had my blog compliant within 24 hours. The course and supporting e-mails from Lucrezia are really easy to understand and it’s clear she holds a wealth of knowledge on a very complex subject.”

Photo of Tammy for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers and Pinterest for new bloggers Courses

“Being new to Pinterest and blogging I felt lost. When I stumbled across your courses I was so very thankful. I have learned how important Pinterest is and how to use it. The blogging course has helped me to understand the legal side, which I never nothing about. They have free templates to use and that alone helps so much seeing how I am not earning any money with being new. I will happily recommend their courses to anyone that is new or needs more information about Pinterest or the legal aspect of blogging. Thank you so much for all the time you have put into these courses and for offering them to us!!”

Photo of Shannon for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers Course

“This course has taught me all the basics that I needed to get my blog up and running. I highly recommend this course because it is packed with everything you need to know to get started, all the way down to the GDPR compliance and SEO. It is one of the most comprehensive, detailed courses I have ever taken. If you are searching for success, I would recommend starting with Blogging for New Bloggers today.”

Photo of Aditi for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers Course

“I knew how to set up my WordPress blog but never thought there would be soo many things to take care of. But Lucrezia’s Blogging Course made it easy for me to set up my blog and make it pretty and running in a few weeks. The contents of the blog are really researched and detailed and she’s the best in this.”

Photo of Peter Collins for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers Course

“Lucrezia’s classes are the best. They’re loaded with technical information and strategies for being a successful blogger. So many things I didn’t even think about till I took the course. Step by step they classes guide you through the process. Something else that really shows through in the course is Lucrezia really wants the people who take her courses to succeed. I find that so refreshing. “

Photo of Gursimrat for testimonial for Privacy Policy Template + Workshop Course

“I always get overwhelmed with all the legal pages of the blog and neglected them for sometime. Lucrezia’s course helped me in creating required legal pages in a short span of time. These templates saved me a lot of time and overwhelm. Thanks for creating these templates for bloggers like me.”

Photo of Alyssa for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers Course

“All of the information you provide is relevant and helpful to every blogger out there! It’s so overwhelming as a new blogger to try to learn everything and find the best resources, but your courses are easy to follow and not stressful at all!”

Photo of Benita for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“This course really opened my eyes to a lot of things concerning Pinterest. I’ve only just started it but it’s already helping out a lot, hopefully by the time I’m done with it my Pinterest marketing skills will improve. Thank you for this, Marina.”

Photo of Gaurav for testimonial for Pinterest for New Bloggers Course

“As bloggers, we love to write. Sometimes, we write well, on other days, not as much. But as bloggers, we do not really know how to get discovered by our readers. When I publish a blog post and people come to read it, I feel that my work has some value. Before I came across your course, the only way I knew how to get traffic on my blog was through publishing and doing some SEO. I have even spent some $$ taking SEO courses for bloggers with questionable results. But your course on Pinterest showed me how I can get started. The way I see it, not only am I learning a new skill, I am also diversifying my source of traffic. So tomorrow, if Google decides that foe some reason, it favours another blog over mine and I lose my rankings, I have at least some traffic coming from another source. Your course has me all excited and I have started using some tips that you’ve shared. I hope to be able to get at least some traffic from Pinterest in the next few months to grow my blog and hopefully my blogging income. Thank you so much!”

Photo of Holly for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers Course

“As a blogger, you don’t necessarily thing about the “legal” stuff. You’re focused on your niche and your content. And you just don’t know what you don’t know about legal compliance. Lucrezia’s course helped me understand why I need to pay attention to the legal aspect of running a blog, and more importantly how to get started. Highly recommend!”

Photo of Brittney for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers Course

“They are so easy to follow and JAM PACKED full of so much good info that I never could’ve figured out on my own!! I am forever grateful for the expertise in the course, and now I don’t ever have to worry about the legalities while I blog. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Photo of Jason for testimonial for Blogging for new bloggers Course

“They are so easy to follow and JAM PACKED full of so much good info that I never could’ve figured out on my own!! I am forever grateful for the expertise in the course, and now I don’t ever have to worry about the legalities while I blog. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Photo of Deborah for testimonial for Legal Value Bundle Pack, Blogging for New Bloggers, Pinterest for New Bloggers, Pinterest From P to T Courses

“I have taken several courses with Lucrezia and Marina on blogging, on the legal side of a blog and on Pinterest. The courses are excellent and without their help, my blog would be stuck at the beginning stage and going nowhere. The course materials are easy-to-follow and very helpful. Because of their courses, my blog is off to a good start and is growing. And because of their courses, I was approved as an Amazon affiliate, which would not have happened if I had not taken their courses.”

Photo of Kesi for testimonial for Disclosures Template Course

“It’s great to have a course from someone as qualified as Lucrezia. This course is succinct and now I have a disclosures pages on my website that i’m confident in!”

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